XFM The Ricky Gervais Show Seasons 1-4 Complete

XFM was the radio station where Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant first came across the bald headed tw@t who is Karl Pilkington. I loved the show back then and would record every episode.

If you are a fan of this trio then you will enjoy the old XFM radio shows.

Please note that originally when it started Karl was just with them to press buttons, but as season 1 develops you will notice how Karl gradually gets involved more and more, until he is fully part of the show.

The show ran from 2001 – 2005. Enjoy, and if you appreciate the time and effort to list these please consider sharing with your friends using the social like buttons.

When you have clicked a link wait 10 seconds or so and audio will play.


XFM Series 1 Episode 01
XFM Series 1 Episode 02

XFM Series 1 Episode 03
XFM Series 1 Episode 04
XFM Series 1 Episode 05
XFM Series 1 Episode 06
XFM Series 1 Episode 07
XFM Series 1 Episode 08
XFM Series 1 Episode 09
XFM Series 1 Episode 10
XFM Series 1 Episode 11
XFM Series 1 Episode 12
XFM Series 1 Episode 13
XFM Series 1 Episode 14
XFM Series 1 Episode 15
XFM Series 1 Episode 16
XFM Series 1 Episode 17
XFM Series 1 Episode 18
XFM Series 1 Episode 19
XFM Series 1 Episode 20
XFM Series 1 Episode 21
XFM Series 1 Episode 22
XFM Series 1 Episode 23


XFM Series 2 Episode 01
XFM Series 2 Episode 02
XFM Series 2 Episode 03
XFM Series 2 Episode 04
XFM Series 2 Episode 05
XFM Series 2 Episode 06
XFM Series 2 Episode 07
XFM Series 2 Episode 08
XFM Series 2 Episode 09
XFM Series 2 Episode 10
XFM Series 2 Episode 11
XFM Series 2 Episode 12
XFM Series 2 Episode 13
XFM Series 2 Episode 14
XFM Series 2 Episode 15
XFM Series 2 Episode 16
XFM Series 2 Episode 17
XFM Series 2 Episode 18
XFM Series 2 Episode 19
XFM Series 2 Episode 20
XFM Series 2 Episode 21
XFM Series 2 Episode 22
XFM Series 2 Episode 23
XFM Series 2 Episode 24
XFM Series 2 Episode 25
XFM Series 2 Episode 26
XFM Series 2 Episode 27
XFM Series 2 Episode 28
XFM Series 2 Episode 29
XFM Series 2 Episode 30
XFM Series 2 Episode 31
XFM Series 2 Episode 32
XFM Series 2 Episode 33
XFM Series 2 Episode 34
XFM Series 2 Episode 35
XFM Series 2 Episode 36
XFM Series 2 Episode 37
XFM Series 2 Episode 38
XFM Series 2 Episode 39
XFM Series 2 Episode 40
XFM Series 2 Episode 41
XFM Series 2 Episode 42
XFM Series 2 Episode 43
XFM Series 2 Episode 44
XFM Series 2 Episode 45
XFM Series 2 Episode 46
XFM Series 2 Episode 47
XFM Series 2 Episode 48
XFM Series 2 Episode 49
XFM Series 2 Episode 50
XFM Series 2 Episode 51


XFM Series 3 Episode 01
XFM Series 3 Episode 02
XFM Series 3 Episode 03
XFM Series 3 Episode 04
XFM Series 3 Episode 05
XFM Series 3 Episode 06
XFM Series 3 Episode 07
XFM Series 3 Episode 08
XFM Series 3 Episode 09
XFM Series 3 Episode 10
XFM Series 3 Episode 11
XFM Series 3 Episode 12


XFM Series 4 Episode 1
XFM Series 4 Episode 2
XFM Series 4 Episode 3
XFM Series 4 Episode 4
XFM Series 4 Episode 5
XFM Series 4 Episode 6

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63 thoughts on “XFM The Ricky Gervais Show Seasons 1-4 Complete

    1. These are absolutely hilarious. Thank you so much. The Rock-Busters just get dafter/funnier as each week passes. At times some of Karl’s observations are spot-on. Sometimes he just says what people are thinking but are perhaps afraid to say. As Ricky Gervais later remarked on Idiot Abroad, he says things so ‘sweetly and naively’ that no offence is meant. His bank balance nowadays shows that he is no idiot and fair play to him, as he deserves his success for all the laughs he has provided over the years.

  1. Nice Set!! Oh sorry, was distracted there by a lady with a lar….Ahem…Yes.

    XFM Series 2 Episode 09 & XFM Series 2 Episode 10 are unfortunately the same episode!!

    1. They are not the same, only they introduce the show with the same song so it sounds that way at very start, have a listen past 20 seconds and you’ll hear both shows are completely different 😉

      1. Agree, just checked and both are totally different and correct… Love these, Karl should have his on TV show 24/7, could listen to his opinions all day long…

  2. Hey mate, in between the first season episode 15 and 16 there’s an episode missing. The one that Karl should review Hitler it skips to him doing Churchill in episode 16 and the balloon stuff started in the missing episode

    1. I remember noticing this. However, the episode you are referring to is under ‘Series-1-Episode-18-30.-March-2002’ on this site. It appears to me that they are all there, just this one is slightly out of consecutive order. Hope this helps.

    2. Oh well, I don’t mind if a few are out of order, it’s not like it’s important if you listen in any particular order, I randomly listen to a episode whenever I need a pick me up.

  3. A quick google suggests (skymedia.co.uk) that Karl will be back with a Series 2 of Moaning Of Life sometime in 2015.

      1. You’re very welcome, was the least I could do, especially after all you’ve done to make these brilliant shows available for listening. I hope that Series Two will be scheduled as part of their Autumn TV.
        I can see from the feedback on this site that you’ve genuinely brightened up a lot of folks days & nights with these shows.

        1. Thanks for your kind message, my only wish was that the three of them would do more radio/podcast shows in the future but I doubt that’s going to happen. Have listened to everything now at least a few times, need some fresh content but the moaning of life season 2 is something to at least look forward to now.

          1. I came across a free NME podcast special (1hr 5mins) that they did years go, which Ricky apparently did as a favour for his old XFM boss. I’d say you’ve probably heard it already. Was also incredibly funny.

  4. Terrific entertainment these, many thanks. Has anybody noticed some inconsistencies at times though in Karl’s anecdotes. For example, in the final show from season 1, he relates a story (midget waiters) from his holiday in Tunisia. However, on a later show he relates the same story, albeit it occurs on a holiday in Turkey.

    1. I remember the story you’re talking about, he thinks one of the midget waiters fancies Suzanne :), as I recall it was in Turkey, I can’t remember anything about Tunisia, will listen back to the show you mention in season 1 as might have missed this 😉

        1. I had a little listen and it starts just after the hour mark when talking about room 101’s. Karl mentions that he wants to put annoying people on holiday in room 101, and then Ricky mentions a scouser annoying him in Tunisia.

          Karl then goes on to mention Suzanne and the midget that fancied her, but I think he’s generally just speaking about annoying people on holiday, i.e. Ricky mentions the scouser who annoyed him in Tunisia, then Karl jumps to the other annoying thing that happened in Turkey. That’s my impression anyway, he’s not necessarily saying the midget thing was in Tunisia.

          I actually don’t think Karl was going to mention the scouser one, Ricky of course knew about it and brought it up, so that sort of threw Karl, but then he got back to the one he did want to talk about.

          1. Yeah I agree, after listening I will go with that, unless Suzanne has a midget fetish and she keeps booking holidays to midget run hotels 🙂

  5. Just wanted to thank you for uploading these, you have truly saved me from many afternoons and nights of boredom. Thank you, sir.

  6. Anyone know if these guys will ever be making any more podcasts? It’s been such a long time, surely they have loads to talk about now, they can just talk to Karl about the last 5 years or so 🙂

  7. Anyone know if these guys will ever do more podcasts? I have totally worn myself out now, listened to about everything at least twice 🙂

  8. Does anyone know how I could put all these on to my mobile phone so I can continue to listen on my travels?

    1. You would need to somehow download them on to your computer and then from here you can plug your phone into a usb socket and transfer them from your pc to your mobile. I have not tried this yet as I just listen to these from this page when on my phone 😉

    2. I was thinking about doing this but these are all 60 minute long shows so will the size not be massive. I don’t think my phone could handle them all but would be good to listen to these on my travels.

  9. The last episode in series 2 is hilarious when Karl is telling us about when he seen the other girl naked in apartment and she spotted him, so he then pulled down his boxer shorts lol

    Brilliant blog post I must add 😉

  10. I listened to a few of these on YouTube but 3/4 of them are not on that site, going to start from the 1st episode 😀

  11. I was just listening to one of these shows and they were talking about Ricky having a celebrity boxing match and training up for it. Did this ever go ahead and what other celebrity was he fighting?

  12. Season 2 is the best season of them all, season 1 does not have much Karl, and season 3 and 4 Ricky & Steve, or Karl are away too often with stupid best of shows being played instead.

  13. Just finished with season 1, hilarious 😀 I must say, excellent upload, looking forward to the rest now 😀

  14. Steve is always asking Ricky for a high 5 in the first few seasons of this show which is a little annoying, brilliant listening to it though, wish they would continue doing more radio or podcasts, something special about the 3 of them together in a room just having banter.

  15. Ha ha the one I just listened to was crazy, Karl is skiving off work and Ricky is threatening to give out his telephone number on air if he doesn’t call in to the radio station :p Eventually they get a hold of him.

    Good job listing all these as YouTube only have a few but not all 😉

  16. Fantastic set of shows, loved listening to all the ones I have managed so far, hats off to you 😉

  17. This is simply the best blog post I have ever stumbled across. So appreciate this and am so grateful for finding this. This is the best Christmas present ever, you totally just made my December special now, am going to relax over the holidays and piss my pants listening to all these.

    Seriously, great upload 😉

  18. Just wanted to thank you for uploading these audio clips, have now listened to them all, some of them more than once and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of them 😉

  19. These play wonderfully, cheers for such a helpful and entertaining post. Going to listen to these each day until I have finished all the seasons.

  20. This should really have been called the Karl Pilkington show, Ricky takes all the credit just like how he did with The Office 🙂 The main stars are Stephen and Karl 🙂

    1. Credit needs to go to Ricky and Stephen also though, I feel they both know how to get the best out of Karl, they probe at him and give him all the scenarios required 🙂 If it was just 2 ordinary people all talking along with Karl, it would be pretty boring listening…

  21. Is there something wrong with me. I have listened to these all now and have started back again at season 1 🙂 I just find them so hilarious, I so wish these 3 would carry on doing radio or podcasts.

  22. Been ill in bed these last few days, still not 100% but these have certainly helped me along the way, so cheers 😉

  23. Who was the woman they were talking about at the start of season 3 episode 1. Then Stephen shows Ricky the newspaper with a picture of the woman who the young boy said was every boys dream!! Would have loved to have seen that picture 😀

  24. Just finished listening to season 2 episode 38. You can tell Karl really crossed the line with Stephen when telling him he’s an invilid, everything goes really quiet, then you can hear Ricky saying something to Stephen, and I think the minute Karl says it he knows it’s wrong as he is mumbling all his words, then Stephen says something at the end like I’m not an invilid.

    I look forward to episode 39 later, I wonder how Stephen and Karl will interact with one another.

  25. I was shocked – I found the ones here on the rare occasion when Karl was either off sick or on holiday just as good 😆 I like when they phone Karl up as they know he is home sick and will be listening, this one had me in stitches.

    The only ones I don’t like are when all 3 of them are off and all that is played are the best bits from the past, I skip these ones, but thankfully not all that many of them anyway 😉

  26. I find it amusing how Ricky is always talking about how this will be the last season, and Karl complaining and saying how it’s his last too, but they always come back and do more 😆 😆

  27. these are class ha ha cant stop laughing and so far no boring or dull ones, this is comedy gold – really great to add all these – thank you…

  28. Superb post, can’t beleive my luck stumbling on to this, am going to really have a good time listening to all these, just finished the first episode :D:D

    1. Glad you both enjoy Hans and Efrain. I know I had a wonderful time listening to all of these, and not just for the first time either 🙂

  29. Thanks a million for this, had been looking to listen to these a while back and forget all about them, appreciate 😉

    1. Yes Devin, rockbusters makes an appearance in these shows. I can’t remember of top of my head what episode it first starts on though.

  30. Nice collection here, had only ever heard the podcasts in which I absolutely loved, will enjoy listening to all these 😀

  31. Have started to listen to these, starting from season 1, they work well so thanks for uploading these 😀

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