Funny Games (2007) Movie Review & Trailer

In need and feeling in the mood for a horror movie, I turned to the internet in search of something I had not watched before, and this is when I saw Funny Games appear in a few of the lists.

If truth be told I was not overly thrilled with my purchase of Funny Games. The movie is not really a horror, I would not even say it was much of a thriller either, I actually do not know what it was, other than being quite a lame movie.

A family have went on holiday for however long it was to their holiday home close to the water. From the look of things they were looking forward to boating and playing golf with other neighbours they knew.


Two strange blonde headed boys wearing white gloves make an appearance and basically kill the family dog and then take the wife, husband and son hostage in their Continue reading

Finding A Rescue Dog

Finding the perfect rescue dog is often a much harder process that one may initially think.

Search Rescue Centre
Your quest will begin by searching for a good local rescue centre. These can often be hard places to find dependant on the area you live, so be sure to ask friends and a local vet to get a head start. Local newspapers may also feature rescue centres near to you.

Another option is to look at the website for Association of Dogs and Cats Homes which can be found at Here you’ll be able to view a list of their members, and you can be assured these members will adhere to very high standards, this could very well be the best starting point for you.

Visit Rescue Centre
Once you have located a centre close to you, go visit it and make sure the place is tidy, clean, and welcoming. The staff in these centres should be delighted to have you visit, and should be happy to have you take a look around the place.

Finding A Rescue Dog

At most centres upon arrival you may be asked by a staff member to fill out a questionnaire. Don’t feel intimidated by them doing this, as all good pet rescue centres will be very careful about the people they rehome their dogs to. A lot of these dogs Continue reading

The Babadook [2015] Movie Review & Trailer

The Babadook is described as being a horror/thriller, and being quite a fan of Australian movies I thought I would be on to something good with The Babadook, but for me this movie was not really up to much.

Amelia (Essie Davis) is a single mum after losing her husband in a car accident 6 years previously, she lives at home with her troubled young son Samuel. Samuel has problems with almost everything, sleeping, school, socialising, and he believes the Babadook exists and is after him and his mum.


Amelia learns about the Babadook through one of Samuel’s book, a scary eerie looking book which contains dark words and pop-up pictures. Amelia decides to cut the book up and throw it away, but then Continue reading

The Experiment (2010) Movie Review & Trailer

The Experiment is a movie based on the novel Black Box written by Mario Giordano, something which I have not read so I cant compare the novel to the actual movie.

Travis (Adrien Brody) has been laid off his job working at a retirement home, he now has no job, little money, but would really like to travel the world. One day he notices a small advert in a newspaper worded: Subjects Wanted For Behavioural Experiment. Two Weeks. No Experience Necessary, Safe. $1000/Day (515) 555-0172.


He then goes along for the interview where he learns that the chosen candidates will be simulating the conditions of life inside a state penitentiary. Each candidate is hand picked after testing to meet the demands of the people behind the experiment.

Once the experiment starts Continue reading

The Judge (2014) Movie Review & Trailer

I love a good courtroom drama, and with top actors Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall I thought I was going to be in for a treat watching The Judge, unfortunately for me the movie never quite delivered what I was expecting, and at times it seemed like a drag to watch, the pacing was awful.

We do have courtroom scenes in the movie as Henry Palmer (Downey Jr) is a top notch lawyer defending his Judge father Joseph Palmer (Duvall) accused of hitting someone on a bike which he has absolutely no recollection of doing. What makes matters worse is that the person he is supposed to have hit and killed is someone he had history with in his own court.


Aside from the court scenes and outcome which I will not mention here, the rest of the movie is a lot of filler which as a viewer I found incredibly dull and boring to watch. When I am Continue reading