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Having used the Just Eat website about 10 different times now, I thought I would share my review on the overall service and my experience using it.

I have split my review into three sections, positives, negatives and conclusion:


The amount of times in the past that I have been at home and had no cash on me and really wanted a takeaway is quite often, and usually in this position I would be unable to order anything due to all the local restaurants not accepting any credit or debit card, but this is not the case now using Just Eat, so that has been a big positive for me and my family.

Being able to locate all the local takeaways via entering my postcode on the Just Eat website is good. From this I learned about new places that I did not even know existed.

Being able to actually look through a menu online is also very handy. Usually at home we end up losing takeaway menu’s and end up just ordering things that we have had before, but actually being able to browse all the dishes online has been incredibly handy for us.

Reading reviews about what others think about a takeaway has been really useful in filtering out all the bad ones. Also from my experiences with the bad ones in which I have left a review first, I noticed not too long after similar negative reviews show up. It is good to filter out these horrible takeaways who end up providing a lousy service, and lousy food.


I feel some of the local delivery charges that the takeaways impose are ridiculous, and in fact I actually just don’t bother ordering from these ones. For example before you even start adding food to your order on some they are already charging £3.00 for delivery. Just Eat really need to filter this out and fix it. How come one place in the same location as another can charge just £1.50, while the other one wants £3.00 or more.

The takeaways also need to sort out their delivery system for the delivery time expected by the buyer. You can choose a time that you would like the delivery to be at, however it is basically potluck whether you get it before this time or after. For example you could tell the restaurant when ordering that you want your delivery to be at 20:00pm, this maybe practical for you, perhaps this is after you have put your kids to bed and are going to sit down and relax, but the takeaways from my experience do not operate with the chosen delivery time, they seem to just deliver it when they are ready to. I once ordered something at 6pm and said that I wanted it be delivered at around 9pm that evening, I ended up getting the delivery at 8pm, no good at all. To get around this your best to order when your ready to eat within an hour, and just enter ‘deliver as soon as possible’, otherwise this feature is awful.


If you have money at home and you want a takeaway, do not order from Just Eat, this way you will be saving money as Just Eat do add on an additional charge, but by all means use their services to find local takeaways and to look at their menu.

If you don’t have money at home and you really want a takeaway then Just Eat I would recommend you use. Just be sure to take the time to look at all the individual reviews that people have submitted. In my opinion this is the most important thing you can do. I would rather order from a local takeaway who has 100 positive reviews and 10 negatives, rather than one with 100 negatives and 10 positives.

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Have you used the Just Eat website before? Share your comments/review below.

11 thoughts on “Just Eat Website Review

  1. Wasted £8.80 on a hamburger and fries, tasted disgusting, could only eat 1/4 of it, dog even refused the rest. Going to stop wasting money now on meals and start cooking from home. Could probably buy 3 dinners in Asda for £8.80.

    1. That is my exact thinking last time I wasted money on a takeaway that I never enjoyed, wondered how much good food I could have bought instead from the supermarket. Not ordered anything since and don’t think I am going to bother again.

  2. Too expensive and my takeaway never sent me free crackers, and I had well and truly spent over the limit they said to get them free on regular menu. Will not be using again.

  3. For the person who complained about the costly delivery costs, even though this is completely unacceptable, I read that Just Eat charges these takeaways 11% commission on every order, so probably the takeaways trying to recoup some of this back.

    Not a problem for me as I have completely went off takeaways now, I find the food not always to a great standard, and too costly for a plate of rubbish. I much prefer to cook my own meals or eat in a restaurant. Saving a lot of money not wasting it on takeaways now too.

    1. Wow, 11%, that seems like a lot, no wonder the prices need to be hiked up a bit. I think Just Eat are being slightly greedy here (no pun intended), as they also charge my charge when I use them, I think it’s 50p extra or so, so not only do they get 11% of the total order cost, they get from the buyer also. Going to try and stop using so much now anyway, time I lost a bit of weight.

    2. I was unaware also of the 11% charge on order amounts, seems quite steep as takeaways run with quite fine margins I imagine. Makes sense they need to charge more than they do with walk-in customers. On a negative note for Just Eat though, I think this can turn off having more takeaways, and it will also turn off potential buyers who will then jump in their car and go to an ATM machine rather than pay more.

      1. Remember though its pay as you go. So the restaurant only gets charged on orders they get, no other charges for being on the site etc, so it makes sense to just charge slightly more than normal to be on the site, and then get that extra custom.

  4. I love the concept as no establishment gets away with producing a lousy service now. If you are a poor takeaway you will get poor reviews, and if you are good then you will be getting loads of good reviews.

    Too many times in the past shady takeaways have hidden underground, as how could you leave a review in the past when just ordering directly from the takeaway, that is why I like this concept.

    1. Trust me you would think that would be the case, but you still get a lot of bad takeaways on just eat, myself included have had a few bad takeaways. As you say though, this way at least filters the good from the bad in the form of the ratings and reviews 😉 I would like to hope that all the people with a half a brain who get a bad takeaway will at least give it the review it deserves.

  5. The only thing I don’t like about Just Eat is that the rule applies ‘the customer is always right’, with the Just Eat company the takeaway is the customer for them, not you.

    I had a problem with a meal and all they were really interested in was the fact did I get it delivered, the takeaway loses out because I will not order from them again anyway and they got a bad review, but Just Eat lose out also as I no longer will use their services.

    1. But that’s just a silly comment… Would you stop using the Yellow Pages or Yell.com just because you had a problem with a builder or a plumber you found in there? Just-eat are providing a service to both the consumer and the outlet… They charge a small fee for cards (50p) but you can pay C.O.D.. And they charge 11% to the takeaway but that has nothing to do with you, they can charge what they like the contract is between them and the takeaway.. Why do people moan about things just because they think its “principle” when the reality is it’s nothing like that

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