Just Eat website review?

Just Eat website review?

Having used the Just Eat website about 10 different times now, I thought I would share my review on the overall service and my experience using it.

I have split my review into three sections, positives, negatives and conclusion:

Just Eat website review?


The amount of times in the past that I have been at home and had no cash on me and really wanted a takeaway is quite often, and usually in this position I would be unable to order anything due to all the local restaurants not accepting any credit or debit card, but this is not the case now using Just Eat, so that has been a big positive for me and my family.

Being able to locate all the local takeaways via entering my postcode on the Just Eat website is good. From this I learned about new places that I did not even know existed.

Being able to actually look through a menu online is also very handy. Usually at home we end up losing takeaway menu’s and end up just ordering things that we have had before, but actually being able to browse all the dishes online has been incredibly handy for us.

Reading reviews about what others think about a takeaway has been really useful in filtering out all the bad ones. Also from my experiences with the bad ones in which I have left a review first, I noticed not too long after similar negative reviews show up. It is good to filter out these horrible takeaways who end up providing a lousy service, and lousy food.


I feel some of the local delivery charges that the takeaways impose are ridiculous, and in fact I actually just don’t bother ordering from these ones. For example before you even start adding food to your order on some they are already charging £3.00 for delivery. Just Eat really need to filter this out and fix it. How come one place in the same location as another can charge just £1.50, while the other one wants £3.00 or more.

The takeaways also need to sort out their delivery system for the delivery time expected by the buyer. You can choose a time that you would like the delivery to be at, however it is basically potluck whether you get it before this time or after. For example you could tell the restaurant when ordering that you want your delivery to be at 20:00pm, this maybe practical for you, perhaps this is after you have put your kids to bed and are going to sit down and relax, but the takeaways from my experience do not operate with the chosen delivery time, they seem to just deliver it when they are ready to. I once ordered something at 6pm and said that I wanted it be delivered at around 9pm that evening, I ended up getting the delivery at 8pm, no good at all. To get around this your best to order when your ready to eat within an hour, and just enter ‘deliver as soon as possible’, otherwise this feature is awful.


If you have money at home and you want a takeaway, do not order from Just Eat, this way you will be saving money as Just Eat do add on an additional charge, but by all means use their services to find local takeaways and to look at their menu.

If you don’t have money at home and you really want a takeaway then Just Eat I would recommend you use. Just be sure to take the time to look at all the individual reviews that people have submitted. In my opinion this is the most important thing you can do. I would rather order from a local takeaway who has 100 positive reviews and 10 negatives, rather than one with 100 negatives and 10 positives.

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Sep 01, 2017 by Anonymous

The wife did a order and she bought us and the kids cans of juice. I noticed the cans all had a price on them to be sold at £0.39. I asked the wife how much each can was from the takeaway on JustEat and she told me £0.90 each! Never again, is that even legal. It might be a convenient site but once you include the delivery cost, the JustEat charge, and the inflated prices your better off going to get it yourself.

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May 05, 2017 by Anonymous

The restaurants listed on it are a rip off. I was considering ordering however we wanted juice too, and at £2.50 on avg for a 2 litre bottle, could get them 4 of them from Lidl at that price with change. Best to pick up in person as not only do have this expense, just eat then take a cut and you have the delivery cost too which all seemed a bit excessive.

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Dec 04, 2016 by Anonymous

Just Eat failed to send me the link for my password reminder on several occasions, I think I tried about 5 times so am now using Hungry House instead, and when I did join up with Hungry House I got my welcome email right away! Luckily I noticed in my Halifax I also get cackback on this deal so am now looking forward to using this site now.

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Nov 03, 2016 by Anonymous

It\'s a great service that Just Eat offer but when you add up the delivery fee and the Just Eat fee you\'re saving £3+ by collecting it yourself, that\'s the only negative I would say about the service, perfect though if you do not have transport or cant go out to collect, like when I am at work at night I sometimes order on Just Eat.

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Jun 14, 2016 by Anonymous

I am fast running out of takeaways I can order from in my region as they are shocking and I do not hold back when they deserve a really bad review. From my experience when I have contacted just eat they have only been helpful in as much as phoning the takeaway however, on numerous times now, the reply I get back from them based on what the takeaway has told them is that I am a liar. So let's say sauces are forgot, I tell just eat, they phone takeaway, then they tell me no, the sauces were included. Absolute joke and just eat have lost out now in all the 50p charges I donate to them. Will order from takeaways in my area who refuse to do business with just eat.

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May 31, 2016 by Anonymous

Registration was quick and easy. Ordering food from a takeaway was easy, as was entering my card details. Overall Just Eat was easy to use and I will be using it to order food again.

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May 14, 2016 by Anonymous

Just Eat manipulate & remove reviews. I left a message on why I had a horrid experience at a takeaway, they removed the message and just left the star rating even though it was the truth = Corrupt company who only want to please the takeaways. Save your money in house and use the phone instead, at least the takeaway has to deliver and give a good experience for them to get paid. Avoid Just Eat, and save yourself an extra 50p on orders.

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May 06, 2016 by Anonymous

Ordered a grill box (chicken items, doner meat etc), advertised as having tub of kebab sauce and garnished onions, neither of these things come with meal. Contact Just Eat, they contact takeaway, they tell them they 100% sent! Nothing else happens, what power do I have? None. Even if they send out can I trust what they send! No more Just Eat, good bye. Your takeaways are what fail you.

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May 04, 2016 by Anonymous

5 stars for Just Eat service but 1 star for the takeaway company called Aldos located in West Lothian, Uphall. Ordered a £10 Calzone, everyone knows that these come with a tub of chill sauce, but none! Order was 2 hours late, boxed Calzone was not sealed and in no bag. Called them up to say no chilli sauce, was informed you need to ask for this! That\'s a new one for me, never in my life has a takeaway said you do not get chilli sauce with a Calzone. Absolutely disgraceful when you think about, not even on the Just Eat website does the takeaway tell you that you need to ask for a chilli sauce. Needless to say they have lost my custom and they got a bad review for an overall really bad service. They take the total p*ss, you spend £10 on a Calzone yet they don\'t give you chili sauce. Happy other takeaways will now accept my custom.

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Apr 12, 2016 by Anonymous

No issue with Just Eat but I just need to remember myself to stop ordering from it as takeaways really are a waste of money. A classic example was the other night after work, I ordered a simple chips, cheese with doner meat, it cost total £7.10. It was nice enough but no way are these sort of meals work any more than £3-£4. And on the site if you start to add things like a Indian dish with rice, naan it almost hits the £20 mark. I always think of the groceries I could get with this money in Lidl lol. So yeah, website works great, food too expensive so will order no more than once a month.

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Jan 28, 2016 by Anonymous

I use scoffable now as it works out cheaper than justeat and is basically the same thing. No reason to use juseat where the takeaways charge more and they charge your card a fee. Based on the things I order for my family we are saving around £3.50 per order just for switching to another company and still using the takeaways I love.

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Dec 26, 2015 by Anonymous

wanted to try justeat for the 1st time but the takeaway i normally order from are charging a £6 delivery fee - this is from a takeaway that is less than 2 miles away - never in a million years using this site as i believe they also charge to use your card - so £6.50 to pay even before i add food for family - one thought - Rip Off

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Nov 05, 2015 by Anonymous

Twice ordered using Just Eat and twice no free crackers were delivered by two Chinese takeaways when I have spent over the minimum amount to get them, something which never happens when I collect. Also noticed the usual total cost of our meals combined is about £4 more when ordering online, so for these reasons alone we will be ordering the traditional way in future.

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Oct 25, 2015 by Anonymous

i prefer to use justeat cause the food is always better cause i think the takeaways are scared to get negative comments left. when i order from phone using same takeaway not so good quality so justeat fixes this issue.

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Jul 17, 2015 by Anonymous

I do quite like Just Eat but in my few months use I have come across problems. My most recent problem was after I placed my order I never got an email confirmation and my £20+ order did not show in my account on Just Eat. After 20 minutes I thought I better contact them using their live help, and credit when credit is due the lady told me there was a fault and she was going to phone the Chinese takeaway for me. 5 minutes later my ordered was confirmed and everything was ok. On another occassion I was not so lucky as it was a massive problem involving loads of people and I had to wait a few hour just to get a special credit added to my account so I could order something again.
So overall I would be reluctant to refer a friend just in case the service screwed up, Just Ok, but if I do have money at home I will always opt to order something via the phone as that way you can be guaranteed to get your meals or the takeaway earn no money from you.

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Jun 14, 2015 by Anonymous

What\'s the point of having comments for restaurant owners on the JustEat website if they never read them. That\'s my only complaint about using their service. On 3 occasions with 3 different restaurants I have asked for salad and chilli sauce to be kept separate from the kebab. On all 3 occasions sauce & salad all over the kebab, not the end of the world but not the way I want it. Whenever in a takeaway and I ask for this I always get everything seperate, it\'s hardly a chore to do it, why a little annoying.

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Jun 04, 2015 by Anonymous

Their site can be a bit glitchy. Once I never got a email confirmation about order so I had no idea if my food was coming for my family or not. Another time money was taken and was then told site was not working and nobody was getting their takeaway!
I also feel the quality of food is better when I collect my own orders, have had quite a few dissapointing meals through ordering via Just Eat. Last case my order arrived 2 hours late, not even a apology from delivery driver or company, most likely last time I use the website to order.

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Jun 03, 2015 by Anonymous

live helper on just eat was just really unhelpful lol i contacted to ask if they could look into adding mexican takeaways in my area as they had none, to which he stated we cant just add resturants if they do not exist ! wtf. i said they do exist and was not expecting them to just add made up takeaways to which he replied well lets hope they sign up then! i was trying to help and he sounded so thick....

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May 20, 2015 by Anonymous

I ordered a couple of kebabs with my first order and the doner meat that we received was almost white :O Never saw it that colour before, it's usually a greyish colour like you see when it's spinning on the spit. We binned it as we had no idea what it was. That was the takeaway faults though not Just Eat, so I was happy with the service Just Eat provided, just will not order from that takeaway again. 5 stars for Just Eat site.

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May 07, 2015 by Anonymous

I did a quick calculation on what meals my family would order from a local Chinese, usually when collecting we pay exactly £19.90, once the order total came on Just Eat it was just over £26! Not going to be using this service, a whole £7+ more is like another main meal, not very convenient for us at all.

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Apr 25, 2015 by Anonymous

COMPLETE JOKE -- My favourite takeaway are now on Just Eat but are charging a ridiculous £4 for delivery!!! I could drive to their takeaway and back about 20 times before it would cost £4 in petrol... Just Eat is supposed to be about convenience for when you have no money at home. Screw them, I will not be paying their stupid charges when further away takeaways are only charging £1.50 for delivery, their loss... Just Eat should stop this madness as it does not favour them at all allowing companies to try and rip the public off...

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Apr 18, 2015 by Anonymous

My first time using Just Eat and it went badly at first, here\'s what happened. I placed an order for myself and family paying with my debit card, this seemed to be all ok and was told I would get a confirmation email when takeaway accepted. I checked back 10 minutes and no email so I thought best contact Just Eat via the live help they have.

I knew upon going on live help there must have been issues as over 300 people were in a queue. Once I got talking to person they said there was problems and I could either be credited back with a voucher to use on the site within 15-20 minutes or get refunded my money back to bank which would take 5-7 days.

I opted to get the voucher as we will still wanted to order food for the evening.

The voucher did eventually come to my email (even though it was over 30 minutes later), and it was easy to put the code into the Just Eat website. We then made our same order again, and this time we did get a confirmation.

Not sure if I will use them again to be honest, quicker just driving to an ATM machine and then going direct to takeaway, and probably will be cheaper doing this.

5/5 for customer support, but 1/5 for convenience.

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Mar 26, 2015 by Anonymous

Me and my family absolutely love the JustEat website. When we cant be bothered cooking we just decide what type of meal we all want, have a good look at the menu, and add to our order just like shopping online. We also get to avoid all the nasty poor takeaways because we go for the top rated reviewed companies, and we have still to ever get a bad meal. Sure sometimes the delivery can be slow, but that happens even when ordering with the phone. Is also brilliant because we were constantly losing takeaway menus in the house but now we never have that problem :-)

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Mar 06, 2015 by Anonymous

Absolutely shocking company, they offer services up to a certain time but they run away from live help hours before this ends!!!! Ordered a meal at 11:30, got an email saying the restaurant had refused it, had no idea if my card or anything had still been charged seeing as Just Eat take the payments. Went to go and ask them and sorry not online at the moment! Total joke of a company, and joke of a takeaway as why accept orders if not able to see them through, bye bye Just Eat, back to phone orders for me now...

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Feb 21, 2015 by Anonymous

I just like to use their website so I can use it as a menu lol Conveniently I get to see what all my local takeaways offer, and then I can enjoy the saving I make when I phone them up directly and order. The savings are usually about £3-£5 doing it this way as Just Eat charge, and I notice the takeaways inflate the prices too.

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Feb 05, 2015 by Anonymous

Had a problem with a order and I used the live help on Just Eat. They were excellent and very quick at helping. Overall I really like what they offer but they do add fees so I will always order the regular way when I have cash on me, otherwise I will use Just Eat.

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Jan 12, 2015 by Anonymous

Found a few great takeaways on just eat that I never knew were in my city. Unfortunately have found a few horrid ones too.
A useful service when no food or money in house and happy to pay by debit/credit card.

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Dec 14, 2014 by Anonymous

For me Just Eat is quite simply one of the best services online. All you do is enter your postcode your then displayed all the takeaways who can deliver to you, choose your takeaway, choose all the meals you want, pay with your card, and job done.
Also impressed by the number of takeaways that I order from frequently who I did not know even existed in my area before joining Just Eat.
Have had no problems apart from once when a takeaway took a little longer than was expected, but this was on a weekend so these things happens when good quality takeaways are busy with orders.

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Dec 08, 2014 by Anonymous

am done ordering ever from that service ever again all because the restaurants fail to ignore comments on purpose or just choose to not read them. twice have ordered me and my family a chip shop from 2 different places and asked that they all have brown sauce on them, both times no sauce included. have also ordered a few kebabs and asked that salad and chilli sauce is wanted but to be kept separate and off main kebabs due to sharing and others not liking a chilli sauce or salad, these times they come with it all over them. the only way to properly order food is to collect it yourself, that way you can open it up in front of them and check for all the errors they make. joke. also find delivery a lot slower and portion sizes reduced when using just eat. never again, might try hungry house but cant imagine the takeaways being any better on that site either.

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Nov 28, 2014 by Anonymous

Not sure how other areas are progressing but it seems to be going backwards on just eat for my area. I have kept an eye on the takeaways and none new have ever joined (mostly the ones I like), and have noticed the number decline so some of the others have been leaving the service.
Also disappointed with the poor choice, I can either get a chip shop or a chinese, whoopee...

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Nov 26, 2014 by Anonymous

Could be my imagination but I find I get an overall better service and meals when I order by phone and they need to collect the money from me in order to be paid. When I have ordered using just eat the delivery is always a lot longer and the portion sizes seem smaller and less quality. One good thing is at least you can order food when no cash in the house.

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Oct 29, 2014 by Anonymous

What a joke some of the takeaways are on it. Come home from work late (10.45 pm), don\'t feel like cooking so have a look on Just Eat to see if I can get a delivery that late, and luckily for me (or so I thought) there were still a couple of takeaways open accepting business.

Ordered a meal and the takeaway accepted it stating delivery would be 11:45 pm. Nothing comes by then, 12:15 am approaches and still nothing, 12:30 am comes and still nothing. Try calling them no answer. Time for bed.

Why accept my order if no intention of delivering it? I will be never be using that takeaway again, and have doubts about ordering using Just Eat again unless they actually punish this sort of behavious in some way, as it\'s not good for their own business. Hoping I get my refund soon.

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Oct 04, 2014 by Anonymous

I left a negative review for one of the takeaways on Just Eat and the other day when I looked for a takeaway I noticed all the feedback had been removed for this restaurant! I hope they did not do this to hide all the negatives they had, it doesn\'t seem exactly fair if they do that. All the other takeaways had feedback remaining so wasn\'t a bug with the system I don\'t think.

4 Stars for the service offered by Just Eat, I like that you can order from home, but the delivery times are appalling, not one takeaway has ever delivered at the time I have stated, always much earlier or much later, so now I just order when I am free and set it to as soon as possible, as the takeaways take no notice of the time, they just send it out as and when they choose.

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Sep 05, 2014 by Anonymous

Unfortunately they do not offer any of the Mexican takeaways that I enjoy in my area, and I refuse to buy anything from a Chinese as always too salty, and I always have tummy trouble after eating Indian food, so not good for me. They actually offer no Mexican options for me at all which is a disappointment as I think I would have used this service quite often.

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Aug 16, 2014 by Anonymous

A takeaway I like charge £4.50 delivery, they are only 2 miles away from my home, shocking. I refuse to pay that so will not be using the service even if I have no cash at home. Just Eat should sort this out, as restaurants are obviously overpricing not only delivery, but the cost of meals also, I guess so this covers all their fees, stupid really as less people will order and stop using.

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Aug 12, 2014 by Anonymous

my fav place offers free delivery when i spend over 20 but on the just eat place the same one charges me 1.50 delivery on top of the just eat fee! screw that. like someone said though its good for looking at the menus.

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Aug 08, 2014 by Anonymous

I use their online service to my advantage by just viewing the menus and food offered by my local takeaways, and then ordering the food via phone as the prices are way too high online. Excellent for doing this as we never have menus laying around. As for the service they provide I have no clue and no intention of every trying.

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Aug 07, 2014 by Anonymous

Just Eat do not care when something goes wrong with your order even though it\'s them you give the money too. Ordered a king size mixed kebab which was not cheap for me and my girlfriend. I stated in the comments section when ordering that I wanted salad and garlic mayo but NOT to put the garlic mayo on the kebab, to keep it in the tub.

The idea was that we were sharing half each, and I wanted garlic mayo and she hates it. Order comes and kebab is fully covered in garlic mayo!!! She now cannot eat it. Phoned the takeaway to complain that they ruined a whole meal for 1 person, they do not want to know blaming the comment system for not working even though in my email confirmation from Just Eat it shows my comment. Just Eat do not want to know either, so F&*K them all as a company. Both companies will never be used again.

So much for just eating, no cooking, well that\'s exactly what we needed to do afterwards, cook.

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Aug 03, 2014 by Anonymous

Much cheaper if you just call in your order and collect. Worked out by my calculations on last order a saving of over £5!!! Much cheaper to just drive to bank machine, get cash and then collect in person. Will not be using just eat again - Rip Off.

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Jul 10, 2014 by Anonymous

I like Just Eat but the other night I ordered from a new takeaway and got a little bit of a shock. The delivery man asked to see my bank card, but no other takeaways have asked me that. I never had my card with me because my wife was away that evening with it, so told him this. He had to call back to the takeaway place to talk with the manager, but this time they said it was ok but it was normal practice for them to see it.

The only reason the company does not get 5 stars is that more expensive, even though still incredibly useful ;)

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Jun 03, 2014 by Anonymous

The only problem with using Just Eat is that you pay the money upfront and this way not a lot you can do when you get your order. Usually because of bad food I check the meal before I pay the driver and he leaves. I ordered all of my family a chicken burger each and left in the notes to make sure they all had lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise. I was not suprised when it arrived at my door and all the chicken burgers were dry, no salad, no sauce, nothing, just a bun with a chicken burger, pathetic.

In this situation because I had already paid online, I could not just refuse the food and not pay the driver and send the driver away with the crappy food. At least when paying with cash you have some sort of power, with Just Eat you have none.

Will not be using again, as the company I ordered from had glowing reviews on the website, so you cannot even rely on these if people enjoy being served crap!!! Some takeaway companies must have idiot chefs, I would never dream of sending customers dry buns.

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May 19, 2014 by Anonymous

Am from Dundee so was pleased to see one of my favourites Istanbul Kebab House listed on the Just Eat website. Often not got the cash in hand to phone up and get delivery, so in these times I can still order the best kebab in Dundee. Also brilliant to see a full menu as I order few side things now that I never knew they did.

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May 10, 2014 by Anonymous

Compared the prices of our favourite takeaway menu to the same menu online. Including the service charge and the delivery charge, and the over-inflated prices on the menu, the total for the order was going to be £6.84 more. No THANK YOU JustEat.

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Apr 10, 2014 by Anonymous

stupid takeaway!! they accepted my families order, then called to say they dont deliver to our area, left us with no food and no money until we get refunded, something we were all looking forward to, wont be using this service again.

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Apr 04, 2014 by Anonymous

Discovered a fantastic chip shop in my city which I was unaware it even existed. The quality of food is so much better than my local one so that's a big plus for using the just eat company.

Delivery charges are a little high so that is my only negative, other than this though it's proving to be extremely useful for when we have no cash at home and would like to order using our debit cards.

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Mar 02, 2014 by Anonymous

Whenever your going to order from a listing on the website go here first and look at the food standards agency - http://ratings.food.gov.uk/ Then see if the takeaway has the pass certificate before ordering.

I ordered from one Indian and the meal was disgusting, I then checked this website and they have a certificate which says 'improvement required'. So now I always check this first, and you can regularly check it as the certificates change, a takeaway can get a new owner and they are not very good or really good.

If the certificate is bad then you know the investigators thought their kitchen was disgusting and you should not be ordering food from them. Maybe they also find germs, bacteria, fridges full of old food etc, though if that serious I hope they maybe can get them closed.

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Mar 01, 2014 by Anonymous

Did a comparison with what we normally order when collecting, and the total cost it would be by ordering from the same takeaway on just eat, and the meal for 5 worked out £4.65 more expensive!!! Will not be using for this reason.

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Feb 12, 2014 by Anonymous

What would usually cost us about £14 for the 3 of us came to over £18 via using the Just Eat service. Takeaways push prices up on it, and that also includes delivery prices. Will only ever use at last resort.

Now also get emails sent to me from Just Eat which are never helpful or offering much, basically sent at a convenient time like on a Friday/Saturday when people are thinking about what to have for dinner.

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Feb 06, 2014 by Anonymous

Ordered food at around 10:15pm and was accepted, by 11:30pm still nothing had come. Tried to call takeaway and no answer, went on just eat site and live help was closed, only available 9am-11pm!! Typical. So was left with no food, no explanation, nothing.

Next day got it sorted, still waiting for refund, will not use either companies again.

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Jan 27, 2014 by Anonymous

Have used the service once now and was very happy. It was late at night on Saturday evening, I had zero money on me so decided to use Just Eat. It was close to midnight so was unsure if could even get a delivery, but thankfully a takeaway in another close town were still open.

Delivery was fast, and the place I ordered the meal from provided good food, a place I was unaware even existed, so will definitely be using the Just Eat service again and this takeaway.

The only one negative I have is that of course you need to pay a delivery fee, and also a small charge on your credit/debit card, so buying food this way is more costly, but worth it when your hungry and have no other option. When I do have money on me I will be ordering and collecting my own orders just to save money., and for all other times this is good.

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Jan 12, 2014 by Anonymous

A little bit bored with the selection of takeaways that they have in my local area. Basically I can order Indian (which is my least favourite food), they have loads of these, ok if I am wanting a kebab, but apart from those they offer little else.

Would be nice to see some different types on it such as Mexican and Chinese, as my town does have these, but Just Eat have not signed any of them up, or they don't want to.

Apart from this though, great concept, maybe one day my area has better coverage, for now though I will be going out to collect most of my takeaway meals.

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Dec 22, 2013 by Anonymous

Shocking service. Ordered a King Prawn curry but the restaurant sent us a chicken curry instead. Phoned up to complain with restuarant direct, they informed me they were all out of prawns!! I asked them why they never just declined my order then on the Just Eat website, as they manually can approve or decline, and the guy said he never knew then that he never had prawns.

Asked that they come and collect meal and refund me, but was told he could not give me a refund as I ordered via Just Eat, and best that he could do was offer me another meal.

Not good enough as we wanted a prawn curry. Told him to come and collect this meal (which they did), and will now have to sort this out with Just Eat so I can get a refund. Currently I am out of pocket on this as the meal was returned and I have paid for food.

Not sure, but will see how Just Eat deal with this, and from that will decide whether I use them again or not. To be fair if Just Eat sort it all out, it's really the takeaway at fault here.

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Nov 20, 2013 by Anonymous

Was going to order for the first time as never had any cash on me, so registered at the Just Eat website and went to the takeaway in our area where me and my wife normally get our meal from. After adding everything that we normally order to our order on Just Eat, and including the delivery and Just Eat charge, it was £7.50 more than what it would normally cost us!

Needless to say I jumped in the car, went to the ATM and withdrew cash and went and got me and the wife our order the normal way, and I am £7.50 better off for doing it, less tiny petrol cost.

Will not be trying to use that website again.

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Oct 28, 2013 by Anonymous

I rate the site lowly due to the ridiculous delivery costs my local takeaway put on this site. Sorry but I am not paying £3-£4 delivery cost, when it only costs £1 if I have money on me and order using a telephone.

Just Eat need to look into this, the takeaways should not be allowed to do this, just because they think a good chance to get more profit from person paying online with a debit or credit card!

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Oct 26, 2013 by Anonymous

Have had a good experience using Just Eat and I believe through evidence of my own that when you order food via this website the service is always better. Let me explain.

I have ordered from a company for the first time on Just Eat for Indian food when I had no cash on me. The food was brilliant. When I ordered again from the same company when I had cash (not using Just Eat), I found the service and quality of the meal not so good. This has happened on a few occasions now.

My theory is that because the company knows that feedback will be left for them for all to see on the Just Eat website, they make these orders top priority. I know this should not be the case, but in my opinion it is.

So yeah, I recommend using this company to order food, and at least if you\'re not pleased with the service and food, you can leave honest negative feedback.

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May 10, 2013 by Anonymous

Ordered from them during the week and was pretty pleased with the whole transaction. Delivery from a company I never knew existed was fast, really tasty food also. So not only great for ordering at home when no cash, but also great for getting to know other takeaways in and around your city whom you never knew about.

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May 07, 2013 by Anonymous

Thought I would share my own review for the Just Eat website.

Have been using it on and off for about 6 months now, and only once has a order ever been seriously delayed. We ordered about 6pm and it never got to us until about 10pm, however this was apparently a fault in the system, so this can be forgiven.

Other than this no real complaints, I love the fact we can order food when we have no money at home and can just use our credit card.

For me personally though I just wish they had more Chinese resturants in my area signed up, to be honest it is mostly all Indian, and although we do like Indian food, it would be nice to have a little more variety when looking to order something.

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2.5 5.0 57 57 The wife did a order and she bought us and the kids cans of juice. I noticed the cans all had a price on them to be sold at £0.39. I asked the wife how much each can was from the Just Eat website review?