Where can I buy Buckfast Tonic Wine online at best price?

Where can I buy Buckfast Tonic Wine online at best price?

Where can I buy Buckfast Tonic Wine online at best price?

It would be cheaper buying this tonic wine from a local corner shop, the average price in one of these little shops is around £6.50 and you of course will have zero delivery cost, however not everywhere stocks this, so this may not be an option for you. You can however buy buckfast online.

My understanding of why not everyone stocks this is because the sort of customers that are attracted to their shop to buy it. They would rather do without the added hassle, at least one shop owner I have read stated this was his sole reason for not selling it.

Sales for Buckfast Tonic Wine have decreased over the last few years and the drink has continuously been the topic of many a conversation of whether it should be banned or not.

In saying all that though, the monks who famously make this drink at Buckfast Abbey in Devon do donate some profits to charities, with £107,420 being donated in the 2012 financial year, most of this was donated to Scottish charities, with St Andrews hospice receiving the most, £100,000.

I buy all my hard to find drinks at Amazon, they usually offer at the best price.

Buckfast Tonic Wine / 75cl

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19 thoughts on “Where can I buy Buckfast Tonic Wine online at best price?”

  1. Wish they made all alcohol in plastic bottles, bit of a nightmare where I live when taking my dogs a walk, lots of broken glass about, and most of it is green in colour so I know mostly Buckfast. Sell it in plastic and lets stop this problem once and for all monks.

  2. £6.50 a bottle in shop where I live, and he sells 1/2 bottles also. He keeps them int he fridge, so nice and cold as that’s how most people like it. Amazon seem quite expensive but ok I guess if you have no local shop.

  3. I really cant sleep on this stuff, it must be full of caffeine. Had one bottle (was not drunk) and spent the whole night awake. Think I will stick to harder spirits in the future.

  4. Ordered 3 bottles of this from Amazon :wink: Really looking forward to it arriving. Cost £22.02 for the three, but I still think this is good as my friend in Scotland says that is costs about £6.50 – £7 a bottle depending on what shop you visit, and we have none of this in England.

    1. Yeah Brian this is a good deal. In my local shop it is sold for £6.50, they also sell 1/2 bottles also :wink:

  5. I ordered this from Amazon and got my Buckfast this morning lol, how about that for timing, all ready for Saturday night, there is 5 of us and we got 8 bottles between us, none of us have tried it before.

    I had a little smell inside one of the bottles just now and it smells quite nice, hopefully be a good night :lol:

  6. Was reading in the newspaper today that Buckfast sales for in 2011-12 were up by 1.3 million, 39.1 million total in sales of the drink :grin:

    I think it is stupid labour want to ban the sale of this drink, so what people like it, particularly younger adults, it is their choice what they spend their money on.

    Half those politicians are corrupt secret alcoholics anyway who sponge of us.

      1. Welcome Shaun, where I live in Kent now I cant get Buckfast, used to have it in my younger days when living in Aberdeen, also it never made me and my friend behave violently, we all enjoyed it.

        Thinking of getting a few from Amazon just to relive the past, I can almost taste it now :grin:

  7. Not had buckfast tonic wine for ages, I mind when we did drink it we used to all check the number on the bottom of the bottle lol, either 1 – 30 I think it was, we would even swap with each other before we drank as we all had our own preferences. Some people would like the buckfast to have a higher number, I always liked mines between 1-12 for some reason, I think the numbers indicated the thickness of the drink.

  8. Ordered a few bottles of buckfast, bit late for the weekend but will get during the week hopefully and keep for next weekend. Keep hearing people go on about it and none of my shops or supermarkets sell it here, actually looking forward to trying it :wink:

  9. Just ordered some bottle of buckfast from Amazon, they don’t sell it where I live in England, but my Scottish friend keeps on going on about how good it is, will find out this weekend :mrgreen:

    1. Wanted to update, got the buckfast tonic wine, pretty tasty actually, easy to drink and got well drunk lol. Will definitely be ordering more for the New Year parties :lol:

  10. Just ordered some from Amazon, have not had this for ages, hopefully will arrive by the weekend :grin:

    1. It should do Andrew, was only Tuesday when you ordered, should get either Thursday or Friday at the latest, or even before.

  11. Used to do that also Scott, I cant get it anywhere in England, is in almost every shop in Scotland I am told, used to have local shop sell it here but not any more :sad:

  12. This stuff is perfect to put in an empty cola bottle and walk around with at events, nobody can tell you are drinking alcohol.

  13. I remember drinking this in my younger days with all my mates at the park, we all started out on the 1/2 bottles for a while, then progressed to the full ones, then progressed to having 2. An another few drinks we would get instead of this was mad dog 20/20 and thunderbirds.

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