What does over 6.5 goals mean in football betting?

What does over 6.5 goals mean in football betting?

When betting on over 6.5 goals, you’re basically saying you think the football game will have 7 or more goals.

It doesn’t matter what team scores the goals when betting using this method. If the game ended 4-3 you would win your bet, similar, if the game ended 0-8 you would win your bet, as long as 7 goals have been scored the bet is a winner.

What does over 6.5 goals mean in football betting?

The odds for over 6.5 goals will be very generous as it’s quite an unlikely outcome, just look at previous results to verify this fact, and not always is the over 6.5 market available to bet on in every football match, usually it only becomes available when a really strong home side are playing a really poor side, and the chances of loads of goals looks likely, think Real Madrid v a weak opponent, or France v Iceland.

Additionally at betting exchanges you can lay over 6.5 goals. This means you are essentially saying you do not think the match will have 7 or more goals. If the game doesn’t have over 7 goals you would win your lay bet. However, the risks are larger this way, as you’ll lose your liability if the game does have 7 or more goals.

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7 thoughts on “What does over 6.5 goals mean in football betting?”

  1. What over 6.5 goals means is you do not bet on the match :lol: :lol: :lol: Under 6.5 goals yes :lol: :lol: :lol:

    1. With Bale and Rooney now playing for Real Madrid, and Messi and Neymar at Barcelona, I predict a good few over 6.5 goals in La Liga this season :mrgreen:

      1. I am rather excited to watch Madrid’s first game when Bale is starting, hope it’s on the TV, him and Ronaldo could be lethal together :grin:

    2. HaHa, true. 7 goals is a big ask, even teams like Barcelona, Bayern and Madrid are not scoring 7 or more goals now, and looking at the English Premiership results over 6.5 goals barely ever comes in. Nice odds if you can win one though :p

    1. It is not that crazy if it’s like Real Madrid at home against some minnow team. All the other odds would be really low, so good if you want a bit of fun watching the match.

      1. I agree, that is the only time I would do it also Andrew.

        Sometimes you get over 8.5 goals in those sort of games :eek:

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