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What are your favou...

What are your favourite YouTube Interrogation videos?  



I am really into watching police interrogation videos on YouTube. I have linked below the last full one I watched which involves Colonel Russell Williams.

It's quite long though the interrogator does an amazing job and I highly recommend you watch it. If you have good ones please share.

Colonel Russell Williams Interrogation

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Do you not think that most of the YouTube interrogation videos are really poor quality? You would think that the police would use the very best of equipment for recording video and audio, though that does not seem the case.

The Russell Williams one you posted was excellent. I really like that interrogator and how he pretty much got him to confess to everything, it was superbly done. You don't happen to know the interrogators name do you?

Regarding interrogation videos I have enjoyed, there was a case involving a girl named Gypsy Rose, and her online boyfriend Nick Godejohn, both of these people have the interrogations. 

Gypsy Rose

Nick Godejohn


Thanks for sharing, that was a odd case. The mother seemed to imprison her daughter for all those years and pretend she had serious disabilities. Of course Gypsy could have dealt with it better and walked away from her to police as she could walk :)



Forgot to answer your question about the interrogator, his name is Jim Smith.


@Scott Coutts

What was the sentence Colonel Russell Williams received? That interrogation was really interesting. 


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