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Your top 5 favourit...

Your top 5 favourite Amiga 500 games?  



The first computer I ever owned, the best computer I ever owned. Fact. If you had the joy of owning an Amiga 500, then you will completely agree that it was the best gaming computer ever of its time, and if not still up there with the best.

Below I have listed my top 5 Amiga 500 games of all time. What were your top 5 Amiga 500 games?

Rick Dangerous
I found this game really difficult to play, in saying that I was pretty young at that time. I still loved it though, and even now watching that video the theme tune is as clear as it was back then. This game was so tricky as you never knew when a big ball was going to come rolling after you, or spikes were going to shoot out a wall and kill you. I do not think I ever completed this game.

Speedball 2
This was one of the best futuristic sports games you could ever play. You were in control of Brutal Deluxe, and your aim was to win the league and get promoted. Along the way you could spend points earned on buying new players, and updating current players. This was an intelligent system that was used, and you really could tell the difference once you had got a new player, or updated one. It was a tough game in terms of battling it out, with players regularly needing to get a stretcher to carry them out the arena. Another fond memory from this game was a spectator in the crowd occasionally shouting ‘ice-cream’ - 'ice-cream’.

Sensible Soccer This was the greatest football game ever, and that was even if you were playing it yourself against the computer, or if playing a 2 player game with a friend. You could score amazing goals in this game, and you could put brilliant swerve on shots at goal and passes. I occasionally play all the latest football games made from Fifa, but I don’t think anything ever comes close to this classic. (I enjoyed all versions that were made for this series).

Championship Manager
This was when at a young age I got my very first taste of a football manager game. Even at this young age I was addicted to Championship Manager. This continued on through all the different versions that they made. I actually think these ones were better than the ones that they make today. 

A really tough little game where you had to prevent the lemmings from dying. This game was pretty addictive, and a lot of fun as every level was completely different, and you had to use a combination of different tools in order to be successful.

I know I will have missed out hundreds of games that would have made your top 5, but these 5 were the ones that I personally played the most, and was the most addicted to.

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Adored so many Amiga 500 games but i would say the 5 that were played the most by me would be bomb jack, the dizzy ones, r-type, ultimate darts, and all the leisure suit larry ones.


Based on what I played most on the Amiga 500 it was mainly 2 player games so me and my brother could play at the same time. The games we loved most were sensible soccer which was an awesome football game, I still remember how you could curl the ball and do big sliding tackles. Pang was another amazing game, such fun running side to side shooting bubbles, and you could play 2 players at the same time which was fun even though confusing at times. Speedball 2 was another game which was played regularly, great fun buying all the best players and defeating everyone. Jimmy White's snooker was another game often played, my dad particularly liked to play this one. And finally the 5th game which was a personal favourite of mine was Super Cars 2, I really enjoyed racing around the tracks with an upgraded car able to shoot rockets at whoever was in front or behind you.


Championship Manager for the Amiga 500 was the first time I experienced this sort of game as a young kid, and it got me hooked instantly so that is number 1 for me.
Other games I enjoyed and played often included golden axe, double dragon, lemmings, and speedball 1 & 2.
Probably hundreds I have missed out on but am just thinking top of my head.


I had the happiest gaming memories of my life with the Amiga 500. I managed one xmas to get the pack which came with the Rainbow Islands game, so this was my very first favourite game.

What was so amazing about the Amiga 500 was that you could easily copy all your friends games and vice versa, all you needed to have was a steady supply of blank disks.

My all time top 5 Amiga 500 games were Manchester United, Europe - Played this all the time with my friend.

Speedball 2 - Loved this one as the sport was so brutal, extra points for injuring players, and you could buy new faster stronger players for your team.

Sensible Soccer - I had a bunch of these ones, all of them amazing. I still remember the way you could curl the ball into the goal.

Space Crusade - This game came at about the time where I was playing the real board game Hero Quest, so I was totally into this one.

Defender of the Crown - I loved this medieval game.

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