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Will the PS4 ever h...

Will the PS4 ever have a boxing game?  



Why does the PS4 not have a boxing game yet? The console has been out for almost a decade and nothing! When I first bought the PS4 I was thinking how good a boxing game will be on it, it seems though they have favoured UFC over boxing.

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Well they obviously are not making one as they did release a boxing game called Creed: Rise to Glory but it was a short game for the VR headset, not a real boxing game.

I do not think they will release one now, maybe for the PS5 we might get one but more chance they do UFC games, which is weird as nobody I know even actually likes UFC and boxing has been a sport for hundreds of years.


I will purchase a PS5 if they release a boxing game, if not, no purchase. Was let down last time, will not be this time.

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