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What do you think a...

What do you think about Google Stadia?  



From what I understand Google is entering the gaming market with Google Stadia, and instead of them developing a console like Sony and Microsoft do, this setup will allow the player to play games via Google's own servers using their hardware, so you basically have zero cost for a new console.

The crazy thing about Stadia is that you do not even need to have a powerful setup of your own. For example as long as you have a decent internet connection you can just use the controller and be playing any game you want on your television or monitor at home.

I for one am interested in this type of setup as it cuts out the need for ever having to buy a console, and this in turn saves money which you can spend more on games. You also do not need to worry about a console ever breaking and having to fork out even more money getting a new one. This does happen by the way, my first PS4 after warranty decided to stop working.

I also think this will allow more people who struggle to afford consoles to get into gaming, of course having a reliable internet connection I think is key here.

What are your thoughts about Google Stadia?

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Google Stadia is a interesting concept though in my area currently I would definitely need to upgrade my internet which would be a fair expense extra each month as I cant imagine it working with my current speed. I can vision a lot of good things coming from it such as sharing gameplay straight on to YouTube, and also watching your favourite gamers and jumping straight into a game with them, or at least playing the same  map/level as them.

A concern I have is regarding the cost of games. What I do now with my PS4 is wait for a new release to come dramatically down in price and then buy 2nd hand on eBay, this will not be a option for me, and looking at the marketplace costs for digital games on the PS4 store they seem quite pricey. 

If the pricing of the games is decent, the service is reliable, and they give added bonus for perhaps a monthly subscription, then Stadia is definitely something I will at least try.


I will continue to buy Playstation consoles until they stop making them. Not only do I use mine for games, but the apps to watch movies online and TV is convenient for me. Even when consoles are no longer made no guarantee I will use Google Stadia as Microsoft and Sony could have something better.


The whole purpose of me owning my own console is that when the internet is down (which it often is), I have games to play. I also doubt my connection would be good enough as I even get buffering when playing youtube videos, nevermind playing video games. This probably is the future but maybe in 10 years when internet around the world is super fast and reliable, for me now Stadia is too early to market.

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