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Shovel Knight PS4 G...

Shovel Knight PS4 Game Review  



Shovel Knight was a really enjoyable old-school retro type of game which is full of fun levels to explore, lots of collectables to find, and quite difficult bosses to defeat in all the different sections of the map.

The game did not take all that long to complete once I got the hang of everything, especially when you power up by spending your gold coins on all the upgrades available for your character.

The things you can upgrade is your armour, your shovel, and you can also buy special power-ups that enable you to do different things such as shooting a fire ball and flying in the air. You can also store relics which can do things such as make you invisible for a period of time, or my favourite which is to fully restore your health and magic, this becomes really useful when fighting any of the bosses.

Another nice feature to the game when completed is<!--more--> the challenge mode which only appears in the start menu once the game is complete. In the challenge mode there are a good amount of challenges to be completed all ranging in difficulty.

Overall I have had a lot of fun playing Shovel Knight, more so than a lot of the big game releases on the PS4.

The game is also something you can put on at any time just to easily pass a few hours. Even though I have completed the main story, I still have many things to do to fully complete it. Recommended for any fan of retro games.

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