Can anyone recommen...

Can anyone recommend retro games like Shovel Knight for the PS4?  

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I really enjoyed playing the PS4 game Shovel Knight. Is their other games on the PS4 which are similar?

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I really liked Shovel Knight too but I cant think of any others which are really like this.

Two platform games for the PS4 which you may enjoy which are a little similar is one called Rayman Legends. I would say Shovel Knight was still better than this but it's still fun to play with challenging levels. You may also enjoy the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy which I thought was brilliant.

You might also consider subscribing to Playstation Now as they have lots of PS3 games which includes platform based games, and you can of course play them on your PS4. I have not subscribed to it so don't know all the games which are on it.


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