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LG 49SM8200PLA 49 i...

LG 49SM8200PLA 49 inch TV Review  



Bought this television (for a bedroom) and have been impressed by the picture quality of it. The sound is ideal for a bedroom though maybe need a soundbar for a larger living room. The stand could also be more stable. 

A nice feature would have been if we could move the TV slightly without having to move the base, this swivel function is non existent but then again I have never had a TV that does that. We take turns playing video games hence the need to move it.

I also noticed on this TV that if you are watching it head on the picture is amazing, however, when you are more at a side angle watching something it's not as clear for you.

Overall it's a nice television.

LG 49SM8200PLA 49 inch TV

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