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In snooker do I nee...

In snooker do I need to nominate what colour I am aiming for?  



Is there a particular rule in snooker which states that I need to nominate to the referee or my opponent what colour I am planning to go for after potting a red? I had this debate with a friend playing the other day and the blue ball and brown ball were quite close together. I was aiming for the brown ball and hit it but my friend said I was going for the blue ball which was not true.

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To nominate is to state aloud which ball the player is “on” (i.e., intends to hit). Ordinarily, the player need only do this when some doubt exists.

For instance, when having potted a red, the player aims in the direction of two colours very close to each other, if the player does not nominate, the referee/opponent cannot tell which colour he meant to hit. But where no doubt exists, the player does not need to nominate.

So basically you need to nominate only when some doubt could exist.

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