Where can I buy potato puffs?  



I remember these crisps fondly from my childhood, does anyone else remember potato puffs and are they still available?

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Sadly after thorough research it looks like Potato Puffs are no longer being made, oh how I wish I was wrong! I could be… I grew up on these crisps as a kid (do not worry, I was not neglected),

I can only ever remember there being 3 flavours, ready salted, salt & vinegar and cheese & onion, but it looks like they also had a Beef flavour too, and maybe others also.

I found one website who were claiming to sell cheese & onion for just 10p a packet, but the website looks very dodgy indeed, the add to cart feature does not even work and it looks like what once was a website has been abandoned, so I will not be recommending that link to anyone.

From what I remember these crisps were a little oily, and they appeared like someone had crushed the whole packet, loads of delicious little individual flakes. Some people online are claiming that local corner shops where they are from are still selling these, but mines certainly does not. I would imagine however if corner shops were selling them, we would have at least found someone selling them online, even on eBay, but nothing listed on their either! So to answer your question, I do not think you can buy these delicious crisps anywhere :(


The nearest equivalent is Hula Hoops Puft. Similar to the old puffs. I used to love them.

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