What is Sky Q Error : MR104?  

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 Colin O\' Dea
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What does the error MR104 mean on Sky Q. I am positive Sky TV are turning off my services in the middle of the night to save money or something as this error only ever happens in the early morning around 3-5am. After this it will resume and play as normal for the rest of the day.

When I go to Settings the network connection is fine with a tick, but the connection to Sky Q box has a X.

So annoying as I know the problem is not on my end, and even if Sky is down and internet is fine, can not even watch Netflix or YouTube either.

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I have experienced the MR104 error and in my honest opinion resetting the box or trying to fix anything that way does not work, and never does. I think it's because Sky Q is not working and you just have to wait, as like yourself this only happens in the early hours of morning.


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