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What bread fits nic...

What bread fits nicely in the VTT476 toaster?  



I bought this toaster though has not arrived yet, but then I read that bread does not fit in it very good. Anyone experienced this toaster and what were your impressions? Also what bread do you use with it? Hope I have not made a mistake :-D 


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2 Answers

The Warburtons bread in the orange packet does not fit, the top of the bread will always not be toasted but this is easily sorted by just turning the bread and toasting. You'd think all manufacturers could make a toaster which accommodates a large slice of bread, it's madness. The smaller Warburtons loaf will fit in the toaster, as will regular bread, the orange one is just longer. It's a good quality bread too.


I buy Scottish plain bread which are long slices and they do not fit well and I cannot even turn them sideways and toast as will not fit either. I have my own solution though and that is to cut 2 slices in half and just use all 4 slots. The toaster slots are wide enough for bread, crumpets etc, it's the length of bread which can be the issue. Other than that it's a really good toaster. It also works out well doing 4 slices as two of the slots are not operational unless you are using the first 2 anyway.

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