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Salter EK2017 Deep ...

Salter EK2017 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster Review  



I was recommended this sandwich toaster by a friend and I am glad I purchased one as the toasties are very tasty, and you can put whatever you desire on the bread.

Standard slices of bread fit on the plates perfectly, so you don't have any bread hanging out, unlike the Breville I had in the past.

It has a clip on the front to hold the toastie lid down, and it cooks evenly and very fast, on average about 4 minutes. I preheat the toastie before placing the bread on it.

Make sure to butter on one side of each slice of bread even though this is non-stick, and have the buttered side on the plate as this not only makes the toastie taste nicer, but it also gives the toastie a nice golden texture.

I also like this toaster because it’s very compact, non-stick, and easy to clean, and there is not any functions on it, you basically plug it in at the wall and it’s ready to use once it heats itself.

I recommend this for anyone looking for a cheap no thrills sandwich toaster.

Salter EK2017 Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster


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