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Shark Lift-Away NV601UKT Upright Pet Vacuum Cleaner Review

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The NV601UKT upright vacuum cleaner has excellent suction, and it never loses its suction no matter how many times you use it. It has been the best vacuum for refreshing my carpets because each time using it, it makes it feel like my carpets are brand new as it lifts the carpet fibers.

Also whats good is it has a tank that is easily removed and emptied, I can do a whole bottom of my house before it needs emptied, which is great because I have 6 kids and a dog.

As I am hoovering I can see the dirt inside the tank (dust cup) as it spins around in a cyclone effect, which gives you a real insight into how much dirt is actually on your floor.

It also has extra attachments to hoover your curtains and upholstery, they are very easy to store on the hoover, and very easy to attach removed link

Because I have stairs in my house I also like that I can detach the tank so the vacuum is a lot lighter and maneuverable to do stairs and ceilings.

The hoover is great if you have allergens like asthma or hay fever because it has a HEPA filter and this captures and contains all the dust while vacuuming, unlike many other hoovers which just throw it all out in the air. All filters are easily removable and you just have to clean in warm water under the sink, and then leave to air-dry.

The hoover also has LED lights so you can see what you are hoovering in dark places of your house, and it also has a twisty flexible head which make it easier to hoover around things and in tight places.

The only small negative about the NV601UKT hoover is that the fibers/hairs keep getting wrapped around the brushes, but the good thing is that you have 2 levers at each side of the hoover so that you can easily remove the fibers/hairs that get tangled. Or you can use scissors to cut the tangled mess out, so this vacuum is not anti-wrap.

Overall as I live in a busy household I have went through a fair number of vacuum cleaners, and the Shark NV601UKT vacuum cleaner is the best I have purchased by far.

Shark Lift-Away NV601UKT Upright Pet Vacuum Cleaner

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Well, thanks for sharing excellent content and information on the NV601UKT upright vacuum cleaner. I never had it but I would like to have it in my vacuum collection. There are different brands Upright Vacuum which come up with different features and specification. I'm having Shark Apex Upright vacuum which is easy to move around and the roller and the brush combine does a very effective cleaning. It comes with a HEPA filter that helps to get rid of the allergens. Shark Apex Upright Vacuum provides attachments to make a vacuum more effective.   

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