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What does black tri...

What does black triangle with number 5 mean on product?  



I was looking to recycle a product and it has a black triangle and the number 5 in the middle of it, what exactly does this mean?

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The number 5 in a black triangle means that the product contains polypropylene and is widely recycled. If the triangle was to have the numbers 1 or 2 this means it is a widely recycled product too. The number 3 means it is a rarely recycled product, and a number 4 means that the product will most likely not be recycled. It gets a little confusing at times as the numbers 6 and 7 mean it is a difficult to recycle product, and numbers 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13 are products that may be recycled but only at specialist centres or collection points.

Hope that helps.

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