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Is Country Value Gr...

Is Country Value Greyhound suitable for a Whippet?  



Have read some good things about this dog food but just wondering if it will be suitable for a Whippet to have?

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Yes, Country Value Greyhound is suitable for a whippet, both mine have been eating this for a few years now with no issues. The pieces are pretty small and therefore easy to digest. I give both whippets a regular sized mug each and mix it with wet dog food. They are always very fast at eating it up, and this is not because of the wet food, as prior to going out I will let them eat on its own which they do. If I run out of wet food I just mix up a gravy and pour it over and they absolutely love that too. On average a bag will last around a month so amazing value for money. It's just unfortunate that stock is not always good for this product, I have found myself being without it for more than a month and if this is something which keeps on occurring I may have to look for an alternative.

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