Why is the The Office (US version) not on UK Netflix?  



I signed up especially to the watch The US version of The Office but cant find it, only the UK version. Why did Netflix remove it?

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No version of Netflix has the show any more, all the seasons are now on the Amazon video service. I do not know how it works though I am sure they pay a fee for shows which give them the exclusive rights to air it. When this time expires they can either renew it or ditch it, and I presume Netflix decided it was no longer in their interest to pay for The Office. I luckily managed to watch it years ago when Netflix did have it :-) 

Yes, unless it's a Netflix exclusive which means they made it, every show on the platform needs to be paid for. I remember once wanting to watch a TV show and they never had season 1, but they did have all the other seasons so that was quite annoying and weird. Of course you cannot watch a show without watching the first season!

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