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What is the most disturbing movie you have ever watched?  



I watched a movie based on a true story (which made it all the more disturbing) called The Snowtown Murders.

I have never watched a movie which was as brutal as this one was.

This was definitely one that I would not openly recommend to people unless I knew them extremely well and knew that they would handle it well.

What made this movie gruesome was the scenes of torture throughout, and the actors which played the roles (particularly Daniel Henshall) who were perfect for this movie.

I have never witnessed a movie as disturbing as this one, and that is no exaggeration.

You can read more about the Snowtown Murders on Wikipedia

So what is the most disturbing movie you have watched?

The Snowtown Murders

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2 Answers

There was a British movie called Scum which I watched when younger which I found quite disturbing, it's about a young offenders institution. I am happy I watched this movie as it made me think twice about doing anything stupid to end up in prison in later life. Will need to check out this Snowtown Murders one.

@Ian Hislop

I remember Scum, it was a British borstal and probably very accurate at how it was portrayed. A young Ray Winstone starred in it. Great movie, not seen it for years.



I find any movies about exorcism really disturbing. The last one I watched which was quite disturbing was The Conjuring. Don’t know why I bother watching these types as I totally freak myself out. 

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