What did you think about After Life by Ricky Gervais?  



I was really looking forward to After Life as Ricky Gervais usually does good TV shows, my favourites being The Office, Derek & Extras. I knew After Life was not going to be a comedy but more a dark drama comedy, but it was pathetically bad I thought and was a rather dull watch.

Anyone else watched After Life and what did you think about it? 

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I thought After Life was entertaining enough for me to watch all 6 episodes back to back though it will not be a show that I will return to watch for a second time. If this show ends up having a 2nd season I would not look forward to it. I think that's it over now.


To be honest I have never enjoyed much of the work created by Ricky Gervais since he stopped doing projects with Stephen Merchant. The best TV work Ricky has done has to be The Office, Extras, Life's Too Short, and An Idiot Abroad. Nothing he has done afterwards has been that enjoyable. After Life never blew me away, it was not controversial, funny, and I never felt the urge for the next episode as it was just so damn slow and uninteresting. Basically a guy called Tony loses his wife to cancer, and Tony considers suicide, one of the scenes was so pathetic with Tony sitting in a bathtub holding a razor blade, probably one of the most unsuccessful techniques ever to be used. Tony has nothing to live for apparently, so does just whatever he wants which includes befriending a local junkie and getting high with him. There really is not a lot to the show After Life, should have just been a movie, as what is with the 6 episodes and that's it over, so pointless. I do not look forward to anything Ricky Gervais does any more, I do not think he's that talented if truth be told.

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