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Sling Blade Movie Review  



Sling Blade was recommended to me from a friend after I asked him what his all time favourite five movies were, from his list Sling Blade was the only one I had not recognized so I watched it, and was glad that I did.

The story is mainly about a man named Karl Childers (Billy Bob Thornton) who killed his mother and a local man when they were being intimate with one another when Karl was young. Karl is quite simple and thought the man was taking advantage of his mother, so after killing him his mother questioned why, so he hacked and killed her right after.

For most of his life Karl has been locked away in a hospital for the mentally insane, but as Sling Blade begins Karl is getting set for release.

Throughout the movie you watch Karl adapt back in a town he came from, meet new people, get a job, and befriend a young boy and his mother.

Overall that's my brief review about Sling Blade without giving any spoilers away, and at over 130 minutes long I was skeptical before watching if it was going to be a waste of time or not, and it certainly wasn't.

Sling Blade is recommended. Some little subtle funny moments throughout as well as a serious story and serious situations.

Sling Blade

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