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Does the MTV show Catfish pay people to show up?  



I find it hard to believe that people would actually meet up with the show unless there was some sort of financial reward for doing so. Even though they do not show this on the show I am sure in private communication with the catfish they offer something, otherwise the show would not be possible. What do you guys think>

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Some people like to just be on TV and get their 5 minutes of fame. Look at the show Big Brother, I do not think these contestants get paid to go on and be made to look a fool.  


The Big Brother winner gets a big jackpot at end though for winning, plus everyone who goes on Big Brother know they usually get a little outside work afterwards, even if it does not last long. To answer the original question, I think they do pay the catfish to meet in a private phone call. Not only do they meet, they then meet the next again day to catch up more, why would any person who has done wrong do all this unless they were getting a little something from it.


Also not only do they meet up the next day, they also phone them on Skype a few months later to catch up again with them to see how they are getting on.


True, I forgot they also catch up with them months later. The only people probably not getting paid to be on the show are the ones who contact the show but they are really the catfish. Like for example I remember a show where a women called them up, it turned out she really just wanted to be get back with her ex.



Do you also not think it's so convenient that when Nev phones the catfish asking to meet up they just answer and say yes! They must get phoned beforehand by MTV, it makes sense as why would they start filming in locations if they knew they were not going to get any results to make a TV show.

My guess is that when MTV get contacted to be on the show, the show then does private investigations to see if it would be worthwhile to feature them and make a show out of it.


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