Any betting related type movie recommendations?  



Just finished watching 21 which was a really good watch and based on a true story. The movie is about a group of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) students who used card counting skills, teamwork, and other techniques to beat casinos around the world at blackjack. Highly recommended.

Now in the mood for more betting related type movies. They do not have to based on a true events, but even better if they are, and does not have to be about blackjack :-D 

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Let It Ride, staring Richard Dreyfuss. Brilliant, funny, and by far the best gambling related film ever made.

Never heard of it, will watch :)


The only one I can think of which was an extremely good movie was Maverick. It starred actor Mel Gibson and was about a poker tournament. I have not saw it for years as it's a very old movie, but I remember it being very funny. Will have to watch it again one day.

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