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Why do people on de...

Why do people on death row wait for so long?  



I read that over a quarter of people sentenced to death actually die before they are executed. And in a lot of the cases the people have been on death row for up to 30 years.

Surely there should be a rule that if you are sentenced to death you will die within a certain time period!

Imagine someone did something horrible to your family member and they were sentenced to death, and 30 years later they are alive and kicking on death row, it makes a complete mockery of the actual sentence, and a complete insult to the victims family.

If not prepared to kill them, just sentence them to life. Sentencing someone to death and letting them live for 20, 30, 40 years is just a joke and makes the system look pathetic and pointless. 

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What if the person was innocent, say another person commits a crime later on and is caught and their DNA proves that the person who died on death row was innocent. For that reason I think the death penalty should be illegal in every country.

Regarding the wait, I am sure it's very complicated, and prisoners and lawyers will be putting in appeals, new evidence etc.

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