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Why are not all Bet...

Why are not all Betfair withdrawals instant?  



I know Betfair can do instant withdrawals to my bank account as they have done them in the past and within a few minutes the funds are available in my bank account. On other occasions though they do not do the instant method and I have to wait. Why is this? Surely if instant is available it should be the standard way to do it all the time.

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From my own personal experience I can do up to 3 withdrawals a day which are instant, and any other withdrawals after the 3rd one on the same day are not instant. This could be what you are facing if you are doing multiple withdrawals a day. If you are only doing one a day and it's either instant or not I do not know why that would be.


You are absolutely right, I did 3 x £20 withdrawals throughout day, and it was the 4th one that then went to the pending message, this must be what it is. Cheers ;)


It totally depends on your own bank. My old bank (Halifax), in my 8 years using Betfair not once did I get a instant withdrawal. When I joined a new bank and used that card on Betfair I was shocked to start getting instant withdrawals as it was not something I had seen before. 

I feel it's only right all withdrawals are instant, as it's obviously able to be done, so all should enjoy it.



Same here, it depends on the bank you use. One of my bank cards it's instant, the other takes 3 days to arrive.



All withdraws are instant for me, but there is a limit on the cash amount. I did about 10 withdrawals in a day, and I think it totalled over £500 or something like that, and then the instant withdraw stopped. I contacted support to ask why and the lady said I had reached my limit and it would be reset next day and it was.


Betfair have definitely changed the withdrawals. You can even now withdraw and get a gift card for certain places online. Regarding withdraws to my bank, I used to be only able to do 3 or thereabout which were instant but now I can do much more, pretty much every time unless doing it often and a lot. 

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