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What laying strategy do you use on Betfair (any sport)?  



I have been looking on Betfair all week at the lay bet on football markets. I don't really get how you can make money doing it as for most things which usually will not happen like the match ending 3-3 the lay price is massive, often in the hundreds, and for other things more likely to happen the lay price is low but then you lose bet because it often happens. Any suggestions on things I can look at as I like the concept of it all.

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I am by no means a expert and I just bet for leisure at the weekends mainly, but if you find two evenly matched teams you can lay the draw, and when a team scores to take the lead you should be able to cash out for a profit as the draw back odds go higher than what you layed at. Of course the risk with this is that nobody scores and as the game clock keeps ticking away you will need to decide to either risk that someone does score and then cash out, or take the loss.

Thanks. I actually tried this today and it worked. I only did a small lay of £5 on the draw and as soon as a goal was scored I cashed out for a few pound profit. I do not know how successful it would be long-term but I am going to keep testing it with small amounts. My liability for the £5 lay was £11 as the lay odds were 3.20. So the most I could lose if it remained 0-0 was £11, I think this could be quite profitable if I can always pick a game which has at least 1 goal scored which happens a lot.

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