What does under 3.5...

What does under 3.5 goals mean?  



I want to place a under 3.5 goals bet but what outcomes do I win on? A little confused as friends understanding of this market is going against what I think.

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Under 3.5 goals in betting means you think the game will have 3 goals or less. If the game has 4 goals or more you would lose the bet.

So if you were to back under 3.5 goals you would win if the outcome of the game ended as one of the following results:

0-0, 1-1, 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 0-2, 2-1, 1-2, 3-0 and 0-3.

When backing under 3.5 goals you are looking for two teams who are equally matched. For example Real Madrid v a bottom of the table team could be a bad bet, as Real Madrid could easily win by 4 goals or more.

However Real Madrid v Barcelona would be a better option, as both teams are equally as good, so a high chance they cut each other out with limited goals.

Extra Tip

If you really do fancy under 3.5 goals but have a few scorelines in mind which worry you, consider adding these to your bet and reducing the winnings slightly. For example using a dutching calculator you could have 3 selections, under 3.5 goals, and also 3-1, 1-3 correct score. Experiment with different scenarios and combining different types of bets together to increase your likelihood of winning whilst sacrificing a little of the winnings.

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Good tips and I thought it could also be good to look at the goal difference in league tables so if two teams are playing one another and both do not score much or concede much that filter could be used to highlight potential fixtures. The good thing with this is that it's very easy to do as you just need to look at the league table, of course though it would not be good if the season had just started as very few game information would be shown so better suited to use when a league is in full swing.

That is a good point Colin, checking goal difference in the league table makes a lot of sense, and this method would also be useful if backing over goals as well.

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