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How exactly does ma...

How exactly does matched betting work?  



I have heard that matched betting is a good way to make a guaranteed income from betting, but does it actually work? I can understand that you get bonus offers when you join bookmakers but are these not just a one off so what happens afterwards to keep making money?

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Well as you are probably aware, you initially use the free bet offers when signing up at bookmakers, and then lay the bet at a exchange such as Betfair to guarantee yourself profit regardless of the result.

Once you have used all the sign up offers the bookmakers continue to offer their players bonuses, and you can join betting clubs they offer to continue to create more free bets.

Of course it's easiest at the beginning just using all the bonus offers, you can however continue to do it afterwards, it just makes more time and dedication, as well as looking like a regular gambler as if all you do is use offers the bookmakers will most likely limit your account.


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