How can I make £5-£...

How can I make £5-£10 a day betting?  



Any suggestions on the best way to make a regular daily income from betting. I don't need to make a ton of money but just looking for something where I can regularly make £5-£10 every day. Does not matter what sport it is, and I am not looking for your system (unless you want to share it), but just some ideas of how this could be possible. I am not looking to do this to get out of debt or anything, I am a student and looking to do it so I have extra income as it sucks being poor and this will be the same for next 3+ years.

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It's not really that easy, as if you could make £5-£10 a day you could make £500-£10,000 a day, absolutely no difference. I do suggest if you are good at predicting outcomes that will not happen in a sport you look into lay betting.

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