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Has anyone played B...

Has anyone played Betfair Beat the Drop?  



Beat the Drop on Betfair is quite a interesting concept. Basically you pay to play a game and what number of questions you get is up to you, unless you are playing the free version which I think is 12 questions.

Betfair give you the cash up front and then give you a choice of questions to choose from which are all sports betting related. You answer a question and decide how much money you want to put on your answer, and if you win you then go to the next round with your remaining cash. If you make it to the end, whatever money remains is yours.

I have not won on the free games which has more questions, though I have played a few £2 games with just 3 questions and have been successful a couple of times.

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I have played Beat the Drop as I am on the Rewards+ Betfair package which gives you 2 free chances to win £30,000 each month, as well as giving you 10% of exchange losses back at the start of next again month.

It's not a game I would pay to play but I do like that they do not force you to pick any of the questions and you can wait for a day where you like the look of a question.

I think it's up to 60 days you can wait.

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Bet £10 and get £30 in free bets at William Hill


Never saw this game on Betfair, is it on the exchange or the sportsbook?


It's on the Sportsbook. You will see it on the category list on the left, it's called 'Beat the Drop - 1st 30 Days Free'.


To make money playing Beat the Drop I only start a game when I am really confident of a question being correct as you can see all the questions before starting a game.

I will only select a 3 question game. It's tempting to play games where you can win a lot of money but it's pretty much impossible to do as all the questions are like 50/50 chances. Just a matter of time before you get one wrong.

So a £2 game with 3 correct answers wins £14. If you are correct with 1st and 2nd question going all in, you can then split the pot on final question to win £7. I feel this strategy works best for me.

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That strategy makes sense as when I had 1 month of free play on the game I had to answer 12 questions to win £1000. I never achieved this but lots of attempts I reached question 3, 4 or 5. Going to try what way you said, might even do it for £5 games.


Betfair have changed the rules, all games, no matter what cost, have a minimum of 10 questions!!! I am 100% sure it was not like this in the past, were they getting beat too often and now changed the rules in their favour? I will not be playing beat the drop again with them



I do not see the beat the drop game at all now, I think this is because most sports have stopped due to the Coronavirus. Makes sense as they obviously cannot supply a steady stream of questions for each round.



I have tried to play the game for the last few days but I am getting the message:

Cash Games Unavailable

We are no longer accepting new cash games, we apologise for any inconvenience.

Not sure if because they are stopping beat the drop, or maybe not enough sports being played just now.

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