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Does the martingale...

Does the martingale system work on football matches?  



I know casino games is typically when you hear about the martingale system, but will it work on football and other sports. I think in my head it has more chance of success on sports than a casino game. Any thoughts on this?

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It will work just fine as long as you are good at your predictions. At least with sports betting it's not down to luck like at the casino, you can actually choose what selections you want to back, and if you do not fancy anything you can just wait until you do.

I would still recommend a max limit you will go to in case you go on a bad run. Like for example let's say you were backing even money selections for £1.00. So you would bet £1. £2, £4. If you have a run of 3 defeats, just go back to £1 again, and as long as your selections are good, it will be unlikely you get many streaks of 3 in a row wrong, so all those other times you are scooping up £1 profit.

I feel that is the best way when trying to implement the martingale strategy.

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Have been trying this way with some success. I do a £5 bet and win a lot of these. If I lose I then bet £10, and most of the time I win on this bet. If I lose I then bet £20. If this one fails or wins, does not matter, I return back to the initial £5 bet and start over. I am up on this, thanks for the suggestion.



If like you say you win on most of your bets then you should be doing singles with no recouping. Does that no make more sense? As if you lose a set of 3, your total loss is going to be £5 + £10 + £20 = £35.00. You would need to win 7 £5 bets just to get this back, and you could lose another set of 3. I guess as long as you are up though, up to you what you do, I just feel with singles you would do it for a long time. 


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