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Does laying 0-0 on ...

Does laying 0-0 on Betfair work?  



This seems like a good strategy as most games I watch end up having a goal or more, and if I can lay at say odds of 8.20 for £10 I only risk losing £72, and every time a goal is scored I will win £10 minus the commission.

I was wondering if anyone has attempted this and had any success long-term.

I do understand a loss will come, but I am hoping if I can get 20 correct or so, then 1 loss is not going to be to damaging to my balance.

Or does anyone have any strategy which involved the 0-0 full-time result as I am warming to the idea that 1 goal wins money. I seem to lose most of my bets when doing other things.

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The laying that you mention will work, however, the problem is when you get a few 0-0 results in a short period of time which will happen

Imagine you have won game 1, 2 and 3, you are now roughly £30 in profit, then you hit a 0-0 and it costs you £72, you have now wasted a lot of time and your balance is a negative £42.

Now imagine you continue on and win the next 10 games, you are roughly £58 in profit, but you then hit another 0-0. you have wasted even more time and your balance is a negative £14.

Do you sort of see the problem here? Also don’t be surprised if you were to get 2 games which ended 0-0 in a row, it happens, even a run of 3 in a row.

These sort of bets never usually end nice but no harm in trying. Just set a budget you are willing to lose and then keep going for as long as you can. If your selections are great you could get a run of 20+ games in a row. If that does happen I suggest you withdraw your initial money and play with the won money, this way if it does go all wrong you have only lost your winnings.

Regarding Your Odds

You mention odds of 8.20, but in my experience games that are around the 8.20 mark are that low to lay because a draw is very likely. I would be more inclined to go for games where the 0-0 to lay was about 12.0+. A 8.20 match sounds like Birmingham v Bolton, and a 12.0 lay is Wolves v West Ham.

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It will not work and the only reason I say this is because it's the exact same as al the people who back over 0.5 goals and they all fail.

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