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What happened to re...

What happened to referee Bobby Madley?  



He used to referee in the English Premier League but not see him officiate for a while. Does Bobby Madley still referee?

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I believe at his daughters sports day, he apparently had filmed a disabled person who had a walking impairment whilst sat in his car. It was a 6 second clip in which he never said anything. He then posted this video to his Snapchat and wrote "F*ck me I have a chance of winning the parents race this year."

A friend who had fallen out with him sent the video to his employees who sacked him.

Seems a bit harsh to get sacked for this as most disabled people would probably find it quite funny. Could they not have just fined him or something.


His punishment was a bit OTT but I do wonder why people insist on publishing garbage online, it will always come back to haunt you in the end. Look at all the celebs who have done tweets from years ago which come back to haunt them. Social Media is a bad place for sharing things unless it's your holiday photos.

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