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Should we Boycott p...

Should we Boycott paying to watch football?  



Over the years football has got out of touch with real fans. I myself am a subscriber to Sky Sports, and in the past I enjoyed the football that was on offer including the Champions League games. Now the matches are limited and I get no European games at all as BT Sports bought these.

Things have got so bad that over Christmas entire fixture lists were only being shown on Amazon Prime.

The state of watching live football for British people is now toxic. I will cancel my Sky subscription and I will stick to watching highlights on BBC and Youtube. I feel this is the only way to vent my anger, and to speak with my wallet.

I am no longer happy to fund this madness. Goodbye Sky, Amazon, and BT.

3 Answers

I stopped my Sky subscription years ago, best thing I ever did. Most live games are quite boring anyway, the highlights show all the goals and talking points so that's enough for me.


The highlights on BBC are pretty good. You get a lot more information about a match than watching it live. It's also good that it comes on on a Sunday morning as that's when I always watch it.


Yeah MOTD is a good watch. Even when watching this I skip past all the talking and just get to the goals and other match highlights. Cant be bothered with watching a whole match any more, more important things to be doing.


I would be more interested in a pay-per-view model if the price was right. It makes no sense for me to pay monthly for a sports package as due to work and family commitments I rarely get the chance to watch a game. On the off chance I do have free time and a game appeals to me, something like Liverpool v Man Utd, I would be open to paying a one-off £1 to watch it. Other than something like this I am the same as Ian, happy to watch the highlights on MOTD, and BT have a YouTube channel which shows all the European highlights. 

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PPV could be interesting though I feel the lack of money for certain games would be a issue for the main companies. Think of the amount of people who would pay to watch Aston Villa v Watford on a Wednesday night compared to Arsenal v Tottenham on a Sunday. I too would be interested in this model though as I could pick and choose what games I choose to watch. 


I would like it this way as I could watch some games. At present they get zero money from me as all I watch is free-view. I do enjoy when big International tournaments start as these are awlays free on terrestrial TV, well for now anyway!


The bubble will eventually burst regarding how sport is viewed. It's no coincidence the amount of people that I know who pay for a service to watch football but are sick that a entire list of fixtures are only shown on one stream. Someone misses out all the time and it's not good for the consumer. I believe people overseas get a better selection of games for little to nothing in cost than us here in the UK. 


I have not had my Sky Sports subscription for over 3 years and I do not miss it. The bubble burst for me when Sky stopped showing European games and BT Sports won the rights to show them. I really enjoyed watching a mid-week European game on a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday evening, as well as catching the weekend games, though when they lost these midweek games the value paying for Sky Sports was lost.

Thankfully due to BT Sports having a YouTube channel I can easily get the highlights for all the European games now, and the BBC provide me with all Scottish and English highlights. 

We should Boycott paying to watch football as maybe then they can have a reality check, lower player wages, and stop being so damn greedy towards the general public.


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