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Where can I buy pot...

Where can I buy potato puffs?  



I remember these crisps fondly from my childhood, does anyone else remember potato puffs and are they still available?

I have looked online with no luck, and have never saw them in any of the major supermarkets which is where I used to buy them.

If I remember correctly it was usually a multi-pack of 6 that I would buy, though single packets were also available.

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Same here, I used to love potato puffs and can’t find them anywhere, very fond memories of my childhood x

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Sadly after thorough research it looks like Potato Puffs are no longer being made, oh how I wish I was wrong! I could be… I grew up on these crisps as a kid (do not worry, I was not neglected),

I can only ever remember there being 3 flavours, ready salted, salt & vinegar and cheese & onion, but it looks like they also had a Beef flavour too, and maybe others also.

I found one website who were claiming to sell cheese & onion for just 10p a packet, but the website looks very dodgy indeed, the add to cart feature does not even work and it looks like what once was a website has been abandoned, so I will not be recommending that link to anyone.

From what I remember these crisps were a little oily, and they appeared like someone had crushed the whole packet, loads of delicious little individual flakes. Some people online are claiming that local corner shops where they are from are still selling these, but mines certainly does not. I would imagine however if corner shops were selling them, we would have at least found someone selling them online, even on eBay, but nothing listed on their either! So to answer your question, I do not think you can buy these delicious crisps anywhere :(

@sushilover. I was the production manager for Walters Potatoe Puffs manufactured in North Acton around 1964. They were also made at Burtons Biscuit Factory in Edinburgh. Both factories were part of Garfield Weston's empire at Associated British Foods. When I was there we made plain, cheese and onion and barbecue flavoured puffs ( possibly more flavours after I left) as well as Potatoe Straws. We sold the puffs to mainly tuck shops for 3d packet ( when crisps were 4d). The puffs were distributed by Westons alongside the famous large Wagon Wheels.



Why, oh why does'nt someone start making these again. The barbecue flavoured

ones were tastier than any 'crisp' on the market today.







I would agree with Sushilover,  my addiction was gained from the local swimming baths and along with Ovaltine out of a tap, jammie dodgers, highland toffe, tunnocks wafers and hard jelly snakes were never to be found outside those venues.


So, so sad.





@John I'm hoping you can answer me this one .....  I'm positive that potato puff were fried in lard, ( which made them so delicious) but hubby insists they would have been fried in oil. Can you resolve the argument please ?? Haha.


@John I went to John Perryn school,  nearby. I used to babysit for Frank and Maya Kraus. I think his Father worked for the Company.  My name was Lesley Ince. Now Russell. We used to be given Potato Puffs by the Factory. 


@John Walters bbq puffs. My favorite primary school snack. I even joined the fan club and got the badge!



I seem to remember cheese and tomato flavour puffs which were delicious. Would love you get them again.


The nearest equivalent is Hula Hoops Puft. Similar to the old puffs. I used to love them.

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@Terry B

I tried Hula Hoops Puft and I am sorry to say but they were nothing like Potato Puffs. Not even close.

Posted by: @Terry B

The nearest equivalent is Hula Hoops Puft. Similar to the old puffs. I used to love them.

They crisps are nothing like Potato Puffs but the hula hoops puft crisps are nice, especially the salt & vinegar flavour. 


The beef ones were the best ever. I need them back in my life. 

Posted by: @Hughesy

The beef ones were the best ever. I need them back in my life. 

I preferred the cheese & onion flavour :) Have you tried the flamin hot wotsits, they are amazing.

@Hughesy I loved the beef ones, we used to get them from a shop in the early 90s called 'pop in'  and hula hoop puft are noyhing alike unfortunately 



When I was in primary school they sold potato puffs in the tuck shop and I would buy 3 packets every day. I wonder why they stopped making them as I am sure they would still be popular today.


I heard that Burtons stopped focusing on crisps and were more focused on biscuits hence why they stopped making potato puffs.


I too bemoan the loss of these, they were my favourite as a kid and I remember them fondly, sad sad day when they stopped making them. Hula hoops come no where near


I think if we could get enough people asking to bring them back, they just might do.

Don't know how but I'll sign.

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Come on Walters or Burtons ! Bring back Potato Puffs .. you know it makes sense


I always preferred the ready salted. 

They were the only crisps I liked....

So sad 😞 


Yes home and bargains use to sell a pack of 6 for 49p then went up to 59p

2 x cheese and onion
2 x salt and vinegar
2 x Ready salted

Cheese and onion was in a green packet

Salt and vinegar was in a light blue packet

Ready salted was in a royal blue packet

They also sold individual packets which you could buy at your corner shop beef flavour and beef and tomato flavour in a reddish Orange packet

Get a petition going I’ll sign it.

My childhood favs :(


Cheese "n" Onion Puffs were the ones for me along with Dundee biscuits, how i long for their return !!    


We need Burtons potato puffs back on the market.

Childhood memories.

Please remake them or can i buy them on line


I so used to love me and my mum (may she rest in peace) both used to love the beef flavour, mum used to crush them up and poor them in haha plz bring them back 

I used to crush them up too I think roosters T-bone steak crushed up taste the same.Try them .


I too have searched for them.   I am so old that they only had the plain ones when I was growing up.  Never had any of the flavors you mention.  I left for the USA in late 70's but everytime I went home I would make sure mam had them waiting for me (along with a malt loaf and a battenburg....

I was trying to describe them to a friend last night, hard to do!!  Made me want them even more sad.  Maybe we all should write to a current chip maker and ask them to try re-create them. 


Ther was also a baked beans flavour in the seventies. Loved every flavour.

  • Used to get them match days at Crystal Palace in the sixties 

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