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Walkers Sensations Mango and Red Chilli Chutney Poppadoms Review  



I bought these crisps as Walkers are a good brand and I like the flavour of mango, chilli and chutney, so these seemed like the perfect combination of flavour.

The little crisps (poppadoms) have a really nice texture about them and are easy to eat, but I was just not impressed by the intensity of the flavour. Really bland in fact. They were sort of like eating prawn crackers that you get from the Chinese.

I also never got any heat whatsoever from the red chilli, and the mango and chutney was not strong enough.

Had the flavours been a lot stronger and noticeable, then these would have been a great snack, as the little crisps do not leave your fingers all greasy like some other crisps do, and this made them feel like a healthy choice when snacking.

Each 30g serving contains 147kcal, 7.4g fat, 0.8g saturates, 1.6g sugar, and 0.84g salt.

As someone who regularly eats crisps, I would not purchase these again. They were not disgusting, but they were not anything special either.

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You are right, the crisps do not have a strong flavour. I enjoyed them though as I got a chilli dip and that made them a much better snack. Will purchase them again as I never felt guilty eating the entire bag as they do not feel fatty.

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