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Nutella Ferrero B-r...

Nutella Ferrero B-ready Biscuit Review  



The Nutella Ferrero B-ready biscuits have been out for a while now, so I decided I would try as I have heard mixed reviews about these biscuits.

I was pleasantly surprised by them as they tasted very nice.


The biscuits on the outside are a nice light wafer, and on the inside is a nice smooth velvety chocolate with little puffed wheat crispy bits inside.

I purchased two packs as they was on special offer in Asda.

These biscuits are not for people with nut allergies as they contain nuts.


The packet has 6 thick finger size biscuits. Per piece each contains 115 calories.

I do recommend them as they are nice as a quick snack or in a lunch box.

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