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Mr. Porky Crackles are a really high quality pork scratching, just be aware though that the amount you get in each 18g bag is a small amount. You are lucky to get 2 large ones and a couple of broken up smaller ones in each packet.

I also suggest if wanting these that you look in your local supermarket for them as I managed to pick up a pack of 6 for £1.70, yet online at Amazon they were charging £3.94 + £2.99 delivery which is a complete rip-off if you were to pay this amount.

Overall really nice pork scratchings.

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These pork scratching are lovely as they are not the soft ones, they one are rock solid hard and have lots of flavour to them. The reviewer is correct regarding the quantity in each bag, it's not a lot but I do not think you are supposed to be eating a lot of these over and over. 


I really like they are hard. The American version of pork scratching are awful and far too big & soft. The British really know how to make them best.


Wow, you can get 24 more packets by going to the supermarket than buying at Amazon at those prices. What a complete rip-off!


I have noticed a lot of the items for sale on Amazon are a rip-off, especially food products. I think a lot of the sellers go to supermarkets and then resell them for profit on Amazon. Regarding these crackles, very nice but I found them to perhaps be a little over salty for my liking.

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