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Blue Dragon Oriental Chicken Noodles Review  



I like to have a simple noodle dish for a easy lunch in the house or at work, and after getting a bit bored of pot noodles I decided to give the Blue Dragon Oriental Chicken Noodles a try.

The noodles are really tasty and simple to cook. The bowl contains 4 sealed sachets, one is the noodles, another is the powder, one is the dried vegetables, and a smaller packet of chilli, so you can decide if you want to have it hot or not.

To make you simply empty all packets into the bowl, and then pour over boiling water. The amount of water you add is entirely up to you as you can have it more like a soup if you prefer. I like to put less water in it, then cover with the lid for 5 minutes or so, and this fully soaks everything up, and is ready to eat.

If you are on the go and have no cutlery a little white plastic fork is also provided.

Overall I really enjoy these noodles, and I have also noticed that a sweet chilli chicken flavour is available which I shall try next time.

Blue Dragon Oriental Chicken Noodles (6 Pack)

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3 Answers

These noodles are very tasty, I used to have them a lot on my lunch break at work. I never have saw the sweet chili chicken flavour in my local shop but going to ask the shopkeeper if he can try and get them in.


The sweet chiili chicken flavour are ok, but I would always choose the oriental chicken over them.


There is actually a 3rd one from Blue Dragon called Spicy Thai. The container has green packaging but I have yet to find a shop which sells it. I did search on Amazon but I am not paying over £5 for it.


I would not pay that either, hoping to find them in a shop.


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