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Would these changes...

Would these changes make Fantasy Football better?  



As things stand on Fantasy Football you can make changes to your team each week but these cost points for each transfer, thus making it not practical to do many.

My suggestion to better the game is that you are allowed unlimited transfers within your budget each week, and therefore you can pick your team based on all the fixtures.

Why would this make the game better you may ask.

1) You are actually building your team based on the fixtures in any given week, so only the most successful players with football knowledge will succeed long-term. The game is rubbish as it stands as you are seriously hampered to what you can do.

2) This change will suit most players as the people who do not regularly change their team will be missing out on loads of opportunities (and points), and the players who keep track of everything will ensure they pick their new squad each and every gameweek.

3) Other rules would remain the same such as only being allowed 3 players from any team, so you could not just put 11 Manchester City players in your squad one week, the 'all out attack', 'bench boost, and 'triple captain' would remain, and the transfer budget would remain also.

Overall I believe these changes would enhance the Fantasy Premier League game in a big way. Just imagine it for one moment. Selecting a goalkeeper based on the fact you think he will have a clean sheet, not having to keep the one you have because it costs points, same with defenders, choosing them on who you think will keep clean sheets in all the fixtures. It would be a true battle of skill throughout the whole season. We will also have a massive variation of squads submitted each week, not the usual rubbish where most of us have the same faces in our squad.

At present there really is no skill, sure everyone selected a starting squad at the start of the season, but that's it. Most people then make a few transfers each week, but nobody is ever happy with their full squad each week (but cant change it due to points), so little skill is used.

Would these changes make Fantasy Football better?

2 Answers

I really like the idea of this, it would mean you really had to look into all the fixtures each week. The problem I see is that even though you say little skill is needed now that’s not really the case. With the current system you need to plan your team ahead of time and look into future fixtures and make any substitutes in advance. Also substitutes don’t cost all that much, say you have to make 3 well you get your first one for free and the other two combined will cost just 8 points from your overall score.

I would welcome the changes you said though, like mentioned, the people with the best football knowledge would succeed as over the long season they would get the starting 11 right in most cases.


I would welcome these changes because as things are the game is pretty dull and predictable. I login on a Friday to do a few changes and log back out again – something like this would make me actually spend some time on the game and look forward going through all the fixtures. Doubt they would ever dare change it though.

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