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How do I know if my...

How do I know if my dog has fleas?  



My dog has been acting strange the last few nights, sometimes giving out a little yelp, I am not sure if it has fleas or something else but looks like something is bothering it on its body, how do I know if it’s fleas?

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When your dog has fleas you will usually notice that your best friend is itching a lot more than usual, though this is not always the case. You should also be able to see live fleas, and flea dirt on your dog (little small black dots), and around your house. You may also notice flea bites on your dog.

Buy a dog flea comb and follow the instructions, and brush your dog, you should see them on the comb and jump about if your dog has fleas, and buy some dog flea treatment online or at your local pet shop.

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