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How do candles that cant be blown out work?  



I had some candles on my birthday cake and they were those trick ones that when you blow them they go out but then they light back up again.

How exactly do these candles work?

1 Answer

To have a flame fuel, oxygen and enough heat is needed. With a regular candle once you blow the flame the heat is taken away so it goes out.

The fuel is still there and you can see this in the form of the wax smoke coming from the candles wick, but the wick has no more heat to reignite the candle.

When magnesium is added to the wick, the ember can easily ignite the magnesium and this is enough to light the smoky fuel.

When you have blown one of these special candles out, if you look really closely at the wick you can see little sparks being created, this is the magnesium causing these sparks which will ultimately light the candle back up.

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