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What was the finish...

What was the finish Phil Taylor did on all 16 world titles?  



I know Phil Taylor won 16 world titles but what was his finishing winning dart for each world title that he won?

I am interested to know if he ever finished on a bullseye to actually win.

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Phil Taylor won most of his World Titles with Double 16 (5 times). Here are the years he won each World Title and what the finish was to win:

#1 Double 10 (1990)
#2 Double 20 (1992)
#3 Double 7 (1995)
#4 Double 15 (1996)
#5 Double 16 (1997)
#6 Double 16 (1998)
#7 Double 18 (1999)
#8 Double 20 (2000)
#9 Double 10 (2001)
#10 Double 8 (2002)
#11 Double 5 (2004)
#12 Double 16 (2005)
#13 Double 12 (2006)
#14 Double 12 (2009)
#15 Double 16 (2010)
#16 Double 16 (2013)

He never did finish on the bull to win a World Title.

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What domination winning all those times. I doubt that record will ever be broken, or not until another genius comes along. Van Gerwen is an amazing player but I doubt he will do what Taylor did and win 16 times! 


It's strange how one man could be so good, though I truly believe he must have dedicated all this time every day for years to be how good he was.  


Yeah pure dedication to the game to be as good as he was. It is true that practice does make perfect.

I remember when I purchased a dartboard, I struggled to even hit the 20, yet after about a week of playing each day I was so much more accurate at what I was aiming for.

Phil Taylor probably started playing really young and then just dedicated his life to darts, as well as practicing with other amazing players such as Bristow. I think this was the typical life they had back then, they would all go to the pub, drink and play darts, and practice at home too.



The reason Phil probably never finished on a bull is that playing and winning that final leg is so much more important, so he was never looking for a fancy finish and would always leave himself on a double, or he could have missed the bull possibly for a win and missed it and then took out the double next throw.


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