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What does the term robin hood mean in the game of darts?  



I heard this mentioned in one of the PDC televised games but I have now forgot what it means?

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A robin hood in darts is when a player throws a dart and it lands directly on top of another dart.

This dart does not count towards your score. For any score to be valid in the game of darts the tip of the dart must come into contact with the dartboard.

A clip of a robin hood in the game of darts - Eric Bristow v Jocky Wilson in 1983.


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A robin hood does not happen as often in matches with lower quality players as they are not as good at throwing darts in a close proximity over and over, i.e. the treble 20. 


This is so true, like when I play and aim for the 20, I can hit three different numbers on the board lol


I cant find out where the term Robin Hood originated from in the darts world and why it is called a Robin Hood? Is there a reason for it? 



As far as I understood the term Robin Hood means : Throw a dart in the shaft of the last dart.

you always learn something new

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