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Should you keep egg...

Should you keep eggs in the fridge?  



I was watching James Martin on the TV, it was James Martin's French Adventure, and on it when making a dessert he said to never keep eggs in the fridge. 

I have always kept eggs in the fridge as I thought it was a dairy product and they would go off if not stored in the fridge. 

Should you keep eggs in the fridge? And how do you store your Eggs?

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I think he just meant eggs should be at room temperature when you are about going to cook with them.

Nothing is wrong with storing eggs in your fridge, however it's better not to use the door or side egg tray for storing, the eggs are best kept nearer the back of the fridge where the temperature is more consistent. I store them this way in the fridge as I never take them out the box until I am ready to use.


I have always stored eggs in the egg tray and never had a issue in my entire life. I am sure if it was bad to store eggs their major fridge manufacturers would know about it and not design so that is where the egg tray goes!



The only reason I do not store in our egg tray is because I always purchase a big box of eggs so easier to keep in the container they come in. I have never stored them outside the fridge.


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