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Is it possible to m...

Is it possible to make your own curry sauce?  



I really like to have chips on curry sauce though I am struggling to find jars of one which is hot to my liking. Looking for something similar to what I buy from my local Chinese. Is a simple recipe I can follow about?

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Not a recipe but have you tried the tins of Homepride Curry Sauce, pretty amazing and tastes as good as the one you would get from the Chinese takeaway. Will also be a lot cheaper as last time I looked up a curry sauce recipe it required quite a lot just to make it.


Homepride Curry Sauce is good, I have made a lot of chicken curry dishes using it and everyone loves it. It's also nice if you make chips and just heat the curry sauce in a pot and then pour over. My cousin who moved to Spain enjoyed this so much she would have her mum ship tins over as it was not available in Spain. Much easier than making your own.


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