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I bought the DVD Pun Gent because I think Stewart Francis is a very funny man, the last DVD I watched him in was a show called Tour De Francis and it was hilarious from start to finish.

Pun Gent was not as good this time around, the one-liners never had the same quality, maybe that's down to him using up all his best material, as he even states in this show that he never repeats the same jokes, so I think he was trying to give the audience a little hint as to why this one was not as good.

There are some funny moments in the DVD, however a lot of the things are repeated like for example the Sean Connery gag, and it just wasn't all that great. I appreciate it must be hard to create one-liners as other comedians tell longer stories so it's easier for them in a way.

If I was Stewart Francis I would come back in a few years with amazing content and blow everyone away like he did in Tour De Francis.

If you are a fan of Stewart Francis it's still worth owning, not a complete disaster, try and pick up a used copy for a low price is what I recommend.

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